Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Good morning from the islands! What an eventful week it has been. We picked up the new elders from transfer meeting on Wednesday and thank heavens, they are not taking our car or our house! :) They got a new car and have not received a house yet, so they have been sleeping on our floor in our 1 bedroom studio. It has been a good time haha. We have done quite a bit together because they white washed and we have helped introduce them to our investigators and get to know the area. They are good elders.

Saturday we had our Baptism for Rayne, and it was amazing! We invited both wards and had a great turnout. The spirit was very strong. 

These are the missionaries who took one of our wards :ʻ( Iʻm sure it was meant to be though and have learned to accept it. Everything else is great, see ya soon!

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