Thursday, August 11, 2016

Man, the days are just going too fast! This week was the best! After all of the hard work we have been doing to find new investigators, the ones we didn't find just walked into church on Sunday. Interesting how Heavenly Father works, but I am not complaining haha blessings for effort. They were literally golden, the girl friend was just crying and crying at the testimony meeting (mind you this was her first one). We got return appts. for Friday and we are stoked. Also found a couple others this week who seem pretty promising.
I don't have a lot of time but another cool experience, we have been working a lot with the youth of our wards and getting them out to get some practice. They went out of their way to start a Book of Mormon class for themselves and their friends who are not so familiar with it. Such a solid group they are the best.
Did some crazy service this week for another crazy horder lady. Moving her hoards all over the place! Everything else is good, loving these wards, loving these people. Time is going by so fast I can't even believe it. Love you guys!

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