Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Whaats up?! Don't got much time.. literally haha keeping it short today.
Rough week this week. The mission is getting more missionaries and we are giving one of our wards to them :/ We have been doing a lot of our work in that ward and it is sad to see it go. We will still be having the baptism this Saturday in that ward because the new Elders won't know whats going on. Looking forward to that. Rayne has been an awesome investigator, please keep him in your prayers!
Today was good, we went to a waterfall on a crazy hike. Good times. The ZL's car got their window smashed out because they left their ukulele in it. Somebody stole it. Had to get that taken care of today.
Transfers is this Wednesday, I will be finishing with Elder Deadman but we will only have 1 ward now, and maybe be walking, and not sure where we are living but I'm sure it will work itself out!
This is one of my Hawaiian sistas that we said goodbye to this week! Shes da best

Other highlights, we ate cow tongue.. it was actually pretty good! Love you guys!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Man time is a flyin, and it ain't slowin down! We had an awesome couple of weeks! Tuesday we got to do a temple trip with the zone! It was awesome, especially because that was my last area. I saw so many people that I knew and really loved seeing it all again! Even ran into the Houseman's at lunch! :)

We started teaching one of our old investigators again! Lost touch for a while but he is recommitted to baptism on the 3rd of next month, and is so solid. He started going to early morning seminary on his own and volunteered to be president of the class! Without us even knowing! Our best investigators seem to come as blessings from above.
One other cool thing that happened this week, I decided to empty the cupboards of all the older food while my son watched his training dvd's. After emptying about 60lbs of food, we asked each other who we felt to give it to (it wasn't that old haha). We both felt impressed to give it to the same person so we took it all to his house. When we knocked and his wife came to the door instead, and talked to us which usually she doesn't. We learned that he was sent to jail for the week, and she was left to watch the kids by herself. She was very grateful for all the food we didn't really need. It felt nice to help out!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Man, the days are just going too fast! This week was the best! After all of the hard work we have been doing to find new investigators, the ones we didn't find just walked into church on Sunday. Interesting how Heavenly Father works, but I am not complaining haha blessings for effort. They were literally golden, the girl friend was just crying and crying at the testimony meeting (mind you this was her first one). We got return appts. for Friday and we are stoked. Also found a couple others this week who seem pretty promising.
I don't have a lot of time but another cool experience, we have been working a lot with the youth of our wards and getting them out to get some practice. They went out of their way to start a Book of Mormon class for themselves and their friends who are not so familiar with it. Such a solid group they are the best.
Did some crazy service this week for another crazy horder lady. Moving her hoards all over the place! Everything else is good, loving these wards, loving these people. Time is going by so fast I can't even believe it. Love you guys!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Great week here in Honolulu! Elder Deadman and I have been hitting the streets. The other day we were visiting the PM list and we arrived at a house that was fenced off. The lady there had bashed with us in the past but we felt to go with it anyway. We came to the door and long story short, they let us in and were stoked to read the Book of Mormon! We have a return appt. with our Bishop this Wednesday, and I spoke in church yesterday and mentioned it and the ward was pumped.
Service with Auntie Annette this week was good. We clean up the property that her preschool is on and help her maintain it. It's a big job but it's not too bad when the other missionaries come.  
Didn't take any pics this week, so here is a city pic :) Love you guys!