Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another great week here in the city folks. We are definitely getting closer to the ward members and striving to increase our teaching pool. The people we are working with now are incredibly busy working multiple jobs, that is the obstacle we are currently dealing with. 

We were able to meet with our investigator Marianne, and discovered that there are full parks built on top of roofs here! I didn't know that they had those until we had lunch at her house. There was pavilions, trees, grass, a pond, and golfing areas on the roof! So cool. 

Our members took us to a crazy restaurant the other day, it was a Chinese delicacy eatery and it was crazy. In one meal we ate chicken feet, jelly fish, and fried anchovies that hadn't been gutted! Mine had eggs in it! We call those "waspy" experiences, meaning out of control. 

Today we went Lazer tagging and mini golfing. Good times with the crew! 
Everything else is great. Doing my best to finish strong and enjoy these final moments. I am sad to think about leaving but the time is flying so fast! Love you guys~

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