Thursday, July 28, 2016

Aloha hurricane season! Last night we had tropical storm Darby hit us, it was intense! We were in a lesson when it started and it was a decent walk to our car, so we were drenched from head to toe. We even took our shoes and socks off because the sidewalks literally became rivers! Then when we got home our patio flooded so we closed that off and dried it up. Good times.
Mid week we dropped Elder Henderson off at the Tabernacle, and picked up my new companion Elder Deadman. I know, what a name. If I had a dollar for every time someone made a joke about it in the last 4 days I'd be well off! Poor guy haha. He is cool, still very green and a bit shy but we have been hitting the streets hard these last couple days. We made leis with Auntie Annette this week for the dying missionaries. She's the best! We do service at her pre-school.

Everything else is great, lot's of visits and service. I am also back to being a district leader.
Fun stuff. Hope you guys have a great week! Love Elder Snell

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hello everybody, it has been a bitter sweet week this week, transfer time has come again. Elder Henderson has been called to the Kaneohe zone, which is not that far but I am going to miss him :/ My new companion, and probably my last, will be a greenie. At least I am finishing his training. He has been out about a month so I am pretty much training. His name is Elder Deadman and is moving from the other side of Honolulu.

This is a crazy transfer, President Bekker white washed more areas than I have ever seen and is changing pretty much every companionship.. Interesting tactic but we will roll with it and see how it goes. Whatever happens is ok though because I am pretty much guaranteed to finish in Hololulu.

This week we had a lot of service, a wedding, an eagle project (painting), and moving our most solid investigators out of the city :( We have lost quite a few in the last couple weeks, but that won't stop us!
Gonna miss this boy, it has been an awesome run and I am looking forward to reuniting down the road! 

Today we went hiking, ice skating, and ate delicious crepes. Can't beat that! Everything else is going good, just chuggin along, loving the work. Until next week- 

Elder Snell

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Another great week here in the city folks. We are definitely getting closer to the ward members and striving to increase our teaching pool. The people we are working with now are incredibly busy working multiple jobs, that is the obstacle we are currently dealing with. 

We were able to meet with our investigator Marianne, and discovered that there are full parks built on top of roofs here! I didn't know that they had those until we had lunch at her house. There was pavilions, trees, grass, a pond, and golfing areas on the roof! So cool. 

Our members took us to a crazy restaurant the other day, it was a Chinese delicacy eatery and it was crazy. In one meal we ate chicken feet, jelly fish, and fried anchovies that hadn't been gutted! Mine had eggs in it! We call those "waspy" experiences, meaning out of control. 

Today we went Lazer tagging and mini golfing. Good times with the crew! 
Everything else is great. Doing my best to finish strong and enjoy these final moments. I am sad to think about leaving but the time is flying so fast! Love you guys~

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Please excuse the delay and the short email, the library was closed yesterday. 

Solid week though! We were able to meet our new Mission President and his wife on Tuesday! They are the nicest couple. They gave a basic introduction and their expectations and we introduced ourselves. They were very excited to be here and ready to hit the ground running. 
The rest of the week was pretty normal, service, blessings, lessons and finding. We lost a family of investigators which was sad, but they decided to go to the Samoan ward :/ 

4th of July was great! The Sr. couples took us to breakfast and bowling, and they also BBQ'd for us that evening while we watched fireworks at Pearl Harbor! Can't beat that

Everything else is good, love you guys! Special thanks to all those who fight for freedom in any way :)
Aloha! This week was pretty awesome. Lots of miracles in the big city. 

Wednesday we had our last Zone Conference with President and Sister Warner. It was really good, and really sad! I am going to miss them, a new pres just won't be the same. He gave an awesome final talk though, it was really motivating to finish strong! The new one is President Becker. He is also from Utah I believe. He comes this Wednesday.
​This week we also did a lot of service. Mostly yard work, and getting a guys house ready for a yard sale. Pretty fun stuff. Started street contacting again this week, met a lot of crazies and a lot of homeless people.

The best part of this week happened yesterday. We went to a stake conference broadcast, and a family brought their friend and we taught him the Restoration! It was awesome, he is so solid. He committed to Baptism once he could pray for himself and wants to try to do it next month! 

Everything else is going good! Love you guys