Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow, what a week

So to start it all off, we get a call.. Our members neighbor has been robbed, the house has been destroyed and they asked the ward for help cleaning it up. We get there and destroyed it was, a tornado would have done less damage. The family was distraught! They were visiting the mainland for their youngest daughter's cancer treatments, and that is what they came home to. There were 14 of us there, and we were cleaning the place from top to bottom. The power was cut and everything in the fridge and freezer rotten and you could smell it from the road. Everything that could be on a shelf or in a cupboard was on the floor, and much worse. But after 3 hours of deep cleaning we had  the place looking brand new, with the smell and all the mess gone. 

The craziest thing about the whole thing was feeling the negative spirit, and then seeing the entire families countenances change as the hours passed, and having the good spirit return. The love and unity displayed by the ward definitely impacted me, and I am almost positive had a huge impact on the family as well, of how following the example of our savior can bless one another.

We also went to the temple! These are my boys @ Laie visitor center!

We went on a hike today, it was pretty cool. I will send those next week! Love you guys~

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