Monday, May 23, 2016

What's up??

It has been a couple of good weeks over here, sorry no email last week we were pretty busy! It was good to Skype home and see everybody though! :) 

This week we did a lot of service, we cleared out a really gross river to help the water flow. We also set up a Tongan wedding! It was cool, I didn't realize how much goes into those things. We also got to eat there, which bumped our Saturday dinner count up again..  

Everything else is good, we are still working very hard to gain the member trust and to find new investigators to work with! One cool thing that happened this week, we were invited to lunch at the PCC and we went in and got to eat the Umu that they prepared in the Samoan village! It was really good, and we get VIP entry since our member is the chief! :D

Dinner with the Solipo's and the H2 Elders :) Love these guys so much! 

Love you guys! Aloha Atu~

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