Monday, May 23, 2016

Wow, what a week

So to start it all off, we get a call.. Our members neighbor has been robbed, the house has been destroyed and they asked the ward for help cleaning it up. We get there and destroyed it was, a tornado would have done less damage. The family was distraught! They were visiting the mainland for their youngest daughter's cancer treatments, and that is what they came home to. There were 14 of us there, and we were cleaning the place from top to bottom. The power was cut and everything in the fridge and freezer rotten and you could smell it from the road. Everything that could be on a shelf or in a cupboard was on the floor, and much worse. But after 3 hours of deep cleaning we had  the place looking brand new, with the smell and all the mess gone. 

The craziest thing about the whole thing was feeling the negative spirit, and then seeing the entire families countenances change as the hours passed, and having the good spirit return. The love and unity displayed by the ward definitely impacted me, and I am almost positive had a huge impact on the family as well, of how following the example of our savior can bless one another.

We also went to the temple! These are my boys @ Laie visitor center!

We went on a hike today, it was pretty cool. I will send those next week! Love you guys~
What's up??

It has been a couple of good weeks over here, sorry no email last week we were pretty busy! It was good to Skype home and see everybody though! :) 

This week we did a lot of service, we cleared out a really gross river to help the water flow. We also set up a Tongan wedding! It was cool, I didn't realize how much goes into those things. We also got to eat there, which bumped our Saturday dinner count up again..  

Everything else is good, we are still working very hard to gain the member trust and to find new investigators to work with! One cool thing that happened this week, we were invited to lunch at the PCC and we went in and got to eat the Umu that they prepared in the Samoan village! It was really good, and we get VIP entry since our member is the chief! :D

Dinner with the Solipo's and the H2 Elders :) Love these guys so much! 

Love you guys! Aloha Atu~

Monday, May 9, 2016

It was a solid week this week.

First things first.. I would like to get something off my chest.. We were at a Tongan ward activity, and I ate what once was a beautiful creature.. HORSE! haha it was pretty good!

Naizik was baptized and confirmed this week, it was an awesome day! His cousin and another boy named Max who we have been working with were also baptized. It went really well, and that was our last non-member that we had meeting with us, so it looks like it is time to do some more finding!
That is why ward trust is so important, covering the Tongan and Samoan wards you don't have a physical area because they live all over the place, therefore any tracting we are to do would not be in our area. So.. getting to know the members, the less actives and doing anything we can for the ward is how we are building that bridge! Yesterday we joined both choirs!

Everything else is good, our 1 bedroom house is still a 4 man pad. But the H2 Elders will not be homeless for too much longer! They got a place and should be moving in this week. It has been a lot of fun though! 

I also saw (former) Elder Bogner this week! He is visiting HI, and I saw him driving one afternoon and I stopped to talk to him. He was my comp in Maui! Got to reminisce some old times :) 

Lastly, I would just like to give a shout out to the best Mother in the world! (my mom) :) Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday! Happy Mother's day to you and to all Mothers who do so much for us!