Thursday, April 7, 2016

This week was a good one. I am sorry I forgot to let you know we were taking P-day today, but we had Temple day :) It was great!

General Conference was great, they seem to get better every year. Elder Holland was my favorite once again!

Uta is doing really well, he was able to watch General Conference in Tongan and understood it all and enjoyed it! We were able to see him afterwards and give him a blessing, even though we can't directly understand him, the spirit was there so strong. I am so excited for him. This week Julie's Baptism is for sure! We are very excited for that as well.  

For District meeting, Elder Manalo bought Balut (the duck in the egg) and fed it to all the Sisters in our District. It was the funniest thing ever because they were blind folded and didn't know what they were eating hahaha. They did really good though, only one of them didn't try it! 

Something else cool, I got to ride a Segway! It was hard at first but was so cool!

These are my adopted brothers that I love. It has been good. 

Love you guys!

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