Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This week was nuts. We have really been trying to get to know the members in all 3 of our wards, and while we were visiting them we met a family who had a friend move in fresh from Tonga. I am super stoked we have a new person to work with! They brought him to church yesterday and he doesn't speak a word of English haha but luckily we have a Quorum full of willing translators! It was pretty cool, that was my first time teaching someone who has no idea what I was saying, but it went really well! He even accepted the invitation to be Baptized!

Some more exciting news, apparently we are getting iPads soon! I don't know when but that is what they are sayin :) Zone conference is this week so we will see if that is legit. 

Other than that we had a week full of service and missionary work. Pretty cool stuff. And today I took everybody fishing, heck yeah.  Malo e lele!

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