Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Good afternoon my fellow subscribers haha

Another great week serving the Lord in Hawaii! Not as much happens in this area as my former areas, but like the last weeks we did a bunch of service and visited a bunch of members!

We did have a cool experience though. We were having a rough day and no one was home, we parked in a drive way that said no parking, but it was going to be quick so we were not worried about it. The person we visited wasn't home and as we were walking back, a lady came out of the house that we parked at and I thought to myself, here we go again! She is going to yell at us. But she actually asked for our help to give her car a jump:) and she was not a member! We got her car going and talked for a while, I felt that I should mention that we have been painting peoples houses (which I never do) and she lit up and took us in her house to show her what needed painted! We have an appt tomorrow to paint her house!! :) Heck yeah

Today was cool too, there are some members who started a thing called the Missionary give, it is like a mini store that they provide things like shampoo, food, soap, deodorant, ect. To all the Missionaries in Laie! Such amazing families here. I will never be able to repay them, there are so many that are so good to us.
Oh yeah, we were eating dinner last night and I thought I was gonna die because it was with an elderly Tongan couple. They made us keep eating and eating and I looked at Elder Manalo and we both looked like we were going to pass out and the couple just started laughing at us! They have an interesting sense of humor here, we were both so close to throwing up haha.

One more service we did this week that was cool, we helped a family make over 500 Lau Lau's (a good Hawaiian food) to help save there house from foreclosing! They were able to sell all of them the next day! That was really awesome.

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