Friday, February 19, 2016

What a week. I am pretty exhausted, we did service almost every day this week, and I am starting to look like my companion (brown) :D haha. We have a new investigator that is really solid, and I am really happy to have someone who is willing to progress! Also had a Regional broadcast on Sunday so we only had to do 2 hours of church! It was really good though, I learned that any question that someone has about our religion can and should be answered using Joseph Smith and the Restoration of the Gospel, and modern revelation.  

Went fishing this morning, it was a little slow though today so no new pics. Pancakes with the Pres, this is my new Zone, as you can see there are 6 Elders and.. A lot of sisters haha it is pretty cool though.

Everything else is good, serving here is a little bit different.. The Sisters are split between Pdays, so the Elders are required to take Pday on Tuesday at least twice, that is why I am emailing today! Love you guys~

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