Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hello hello hello! It has been an awesome week! We did a lot of stuff this week, and I am really excited right now because I am pretty sure this is my last week on the Big Island, so we kind of went all out today. We woke up early and went fishing. I caught a Pufferfish! It was crazy I will send pics next week. After fishing we went with a member hunting wild pigs! They used a trap, and today I learned how to trap em, kill em, gut em, skin em, quarter em and cook em! It was awesome. They even let us learn hands on :)

We did some service for a crazy lady, exchanges in Pahoa area, and our Zone blew the mission record of contacts out of the water! We have been going pretty hard, it has been paying off though. It has brought a lot of new investigators which are really needed in all of our areas.  

Said goodbye to the Ka'u ward yesterday. That was really sad. They are a small ward, but have a really strong spirit. I am going to miss them! 

Love you guys!

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