Friday, January 29, 2016

Hey yall! Transfer news came in this weekend, and I am very very excited to announce that I will be returning to Oahu to serve in Laie! I am super happy because I will be in a Tongan ward, a Samoan ward and a Hawaiian ward! And that is where the Temple is, and that is where BYU-H is and yeah. I am stoked, that is 1 of 2 areas I really wanted to go! It looks like I am going to have to learn how to eat even more, I'm a little worried about that but it will be good. There are a lot of members there. 

Pretty much this week we have been tying up loose ends, saying goodbyes and all that fun stuff. I am definitely going to miss many of the members here. The people of Hawai'i have hearts of gold. I have learned so much in my 6 months here, and am ready for the next lesson(s). This is always the hardest part in the mission, when you are getting a feel for everything, and you know everybody and then you move.. But I am excited at the same time.  

Here is the picture I promised. I am pretty sure it is a puffer fish

Nothing much else to add. It is bitter sweet, Elder Ili goes home this week so he will be missed! I am looking forward to new adventures and new friends.
Love you guys!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hello hello hello! It has been an awesome week! We did a lot of stuff this week, and I am really excited right now because I am pretty sure this is my last week on the Big Island, so we kind of went all out today. We woke up early and went fishing. I caught a Pufferfish! It was crazy I will send pics next week. After fishing we went with a member hunting wild pigs! They used a trap, and today I learned how to trap em, kill em, gut em, skin em, quarter em and cook em! It was awesome. They even let us learn hands on :)

We did some service for a crazy lady, exchanges in Pahoa area, and our Zone blew the mission record of contacts out of the water! We have been going pretty hard, it has been paying off though. It has brought a lot of new investigators which are really needed in all of our areas.  

Said goodbye to the Ka'u ward yesterday. That was really sad. They are a small ward, but have a really strong spirit. I am going to miss them! 

Love you guys!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hey y'all! It was an amazing week this week. We had Zone conference on Thursday, and we learned how to sharpen our arsenal of missionary tools. Elder Nunn and I demonstrated how to be devastated when an investigator fails to keep a commitment. It was pretty exciting haha. 

Saturday we spent the whole day at the church, and a little bit contacting on the street. It was the best, Anella and Pomai were Baptized and Confirmed on Sunday. It was a great spirit that was there! They are my favorite. We also did our first missionary moment and taught the Plan of Salvation to everyone that was there, and then once more for a baptism we had that evening.  

There father has also expressed that he wants to be baptized. We are just working on a couple things and then there whole family will be good to go :) 

Love you guys!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year! 

Man it has been a good week. Anella and Pomai's baptisms are coming up this Saturday! I am super pumped for them. Also last night we got a new referral who wants to be baptized so we are staying busy! 

It was not a full pros week this week, for New years and NY eve we had a Zone get together and had some crazy ping pong tournaments and watched movies and played basketball and Frisbee. It was fun! Hawaii goes all out with fireworks on NY and the air is so smoky it's unreal. Our members are super awesome too, we eat even better during the Holidays. 

For P-day we went to a beach park and cruised. Elder Cronin got ET'd to Kauai :( because Elder Ili's companion got sent home. So he gets to kill Elder Ili! Elder Cronin is the one I am standing by. Gonna miss that boy

Oh and don't mind our sick pineapple apparel haha. Love you guys!