Monday, December 21, 2015

Man, it was an awesome week this week. Our Zone is on fire! We hit all of our goals (harder than it sounds) and set some new records and so President Warner is flying over this week to make us breakfast :) The work is really up and down for each of us but overall we are doing really good, and having a lot of fun at the same time.

Been continuing our street contacting efforts, and an average day varies from rated PG-13 to R, but we have still found some solid people and are making it work. The homeless people are always fun, some advice I have for everyone.. If someone is talking to themselves, it is just as rude to interrupt their conversation as it would be to interrupt them if they were talking to another person.. Lol

We went to Green sands and South Point for P-day.  It was awesome but I didn't take any pics so this is another random one haha. I think this thing was on Duck Dynasty
Everything else is great! Looking forward to Christmas, and seeing the fam:) Love you guys!

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