Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Oyamas fed us Prime Rib, Shrimp, Lobster, Potatoes and the works. :) SOOOOOO GOOD :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was pretty awesome celebrating it here, even though I was sick haha. We went caroling, and did service on Christmas morning, then Skyped afterwards and spent the rest of the day with our awesome members. It was a little weird to be trimming hedges on a sunny Christmas morning, but it helped me realize a little more what it is all about. 

It was kind of hard to proselyte this week being sick, but we were blessed with 2 new investigators who accepted to be Baptized on the 9th :) 

Other than that we watched The Cokeville Miracle and had a ping pong tournament, it was super fun! President and Sister Warner flew out to make our Zone breakfast today!

Oh and thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write a letter or send a card for Christmas. It means a lot to have so much support. Love you all hope you have an awesome new year! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas y'all! It is an awesome time to be a missionary! The work is great, talking to people during Christmas is a lot easier and more exciting. I talked to the most solid person on the street on Saturday, she was so humble and took a Book of Mormon. Still have not followed up but that lit the fire and made it all worth it. Hope she will take the lessons!

I want to say this as humbly as possible, our Zone is the best! haha. We hit our goals two weeks in a row, which has never been done in the Hawaii mission. So if everything works out President might fly out again to make us breakfast :) 

Pday was pretty awesome, we went to Waipio Valley again and did service on a different Tarro farm. They fed us Tarro Chile and we had another mud fight, it was so awesome! 
​We also did a lot of service, put a roof on a house, power washed a driveway and mowed lawns. Fun stuff. Super excited to call home! Love you guys, Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!

Man, it was an awesome week this week. Our Zone is on fire! We hit all of our goals (harder than it sounds) and set some new records and so President Warner is flying over this week to make us breakfast :) The work is really up and down for each of us but overall we are doing really good, and having a lot of fun at the same time.

Been continuing our street contacting efforts, and an average day varies from rated PG-13 to R, but we have still found some solid people and are making it work. The homeless people are always fun, some advice I have for everyone.. If someone is talking to themselves, it is just as rude to interrupt their conversation as it would be to interrupt them if they were talking to another person.. Lol

We went to Green sands and South Point for P-day.  It was awesome but I didn't take any pics so this is another random one haha. I think this thing was on Duck Dynasty
Everything else is great! Looking forward to Christmas, and seeing the fam:) Love you guys!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Good week, our investigator who is on probation is so solid. He has decided to continue to have lessons and hang in there because he knows it is the right thing to do. He is still optimistic and strongly working toward his baptism, it has been very emotional and uplifting teaching him. 

We had a miracle yesterday, one of our members, Brother T. came and told us that he does not want to mess around anymore and that he wants us to baptize 2 of his family members! That was an answer to prayers after losing 2 :) 

We had mission tour and interviews with President Warner this week. They were good, President was stoked with our district. For Mission Tour we had Elder Hamula, a member of the 70, come talk with us. That was good. 

For P-day last week we went to Coconut Island, it is super small and you just walk across a bridge to get to it, but still pretty cool haha. This is my district, they the best!
The rest has been good, chances are I will be staying on the Big Island for another transfer but we will see this week. 

Aloha Au Ia ╩╗Oe!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hey guys!

It was a pretty good week. I am pretty mad though, we are possibly losing another of our Baptisms for being on probation.. That makes 2 in 2 weeks :( There is a possibility that one of them will be baptized though because the reason they are on probation is so dumb. Anyways, keep them in your prayers that whatever decision made will be the right one.

Our District was challenged by the other District this week of who could contact, and attempt to share the Gospel with the most people. That was their mistake haha, the 6 of us won, and set a new record as #1 in the Hawaii mission! We met a ton of crazy people in the process! A couple good ones too! We are also now friends with the majority of the homeless people downtown as well haha. 

Thanksgiving was great, we had 3 dinner stops. We shared the day with some of my favorite families though so it was a really memorable and enjoyable day, as stuffed as we were. This was when I got to eat chicken feet, I didn't take any other pics this week.

I am very grateful for everyone who has been a part of my life to make me the person I am. Especially for all the friends and family who constantly support me. Thank you for everything that each one of you has done.