Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey guys! Elder Nunn flew in on Wednesday and we hit the ground running! Half of our Zone is green so that is interesting. Elder Nunn and I had some awesome lessons this week, we invited 4 to baptism, all said yes and 1 has a date for the 12th of December! I will keep you posted on the other 3 but I think they are pretty solid too! 

Not a lot else has happened. Met a lot of new people this week. Training has been interesting, he is a solid teacher but it is weird and hard transitioning from experienced missionaries to a new one. 

This pic is of us on Mauna Kea. Elder Nunn is the top right. It was a beautiful/expensive sunrise this morning. We had a car accident and the Truck is going to be in the shop again for a while, but this one was not our fault. We are all ok! 
Until next week, love you guys! Alooooooha!

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