Thursday, October 8, 2015

Man, that was a really fast year! I have been told that the second year goes even faster, I can't imagine that! Sister Makanesi and Sister Ranck surprised me with a huge pink cake that said "Happy 1 year Snelldred!" It made me really happy, they are awesome! 

I have learned a lot in this year and can see changes already in myself and many around me. It has been a wonderful blessing to be where I am at today, teaching the good word. I look forward to this coming year and the plenty of learning and growing that I still have left.  

This week was really really slow, because our truck was in the shop. We did manage to catch a few rides to some appointments so that was nice. Even with that, this week was a miracle week! The Stevens (who finally made it to church) accepted to be baptized on the 24th of this month! They are really excited about it and have had confirmations about their decision. It has been super cool! They have already noticed miracles happening as they have chosen to do what is right.

More awesome stuff happened, we had dinner with a part member family, and they took us deep into their back yard and showed us that they had their own pond that they built to raise fish and sustain themselves! It was the coolest thing ever! They gave us a bunch of fish food and we went on the dock and fed them, it was awesome. It reminded me of feeding the Carp at Lake Powell.

Conference was solid. Elder Holland is always my favorite! That was a cool connection he made with Mothers and the Atonement. Until next week! Love you guys

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