Monday, October 26, 2015

Man this was one of the most solid weeks ever. Aly and Tia's Baptism went so great! Elder Whiteley and I were able to perform the ordinance. There was a good spirit there:) 

We also got to go fishing! It was so fun! I accidentally caught a turtle, but that is super not allowed so I had to let it loose.  

Had a really fun service project, we got to work on a Taro patch in a beautiful valley.

Have some solid new investigators, there is a lot of work to be done. Don't have a ton of time today but I'm doing good. 

Also ate chicken feet this week! It was an interesting experience.  

Love you guys! Love Elder Snell

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Man this was a good week!
Started off fun, we all had to get tested for TB so our Zone got to hang for a bit. Elder Whiteley and I hit our area record and taught 25 lessons, and have 3 with a Baptismal date! Trying to make his last 2 weeks count haha.
The Stevens are super solid, one of them went to institute without us even mentioning it to her and she really enjoyed it! Their Baptism is set for this Saturday and they are very prepared! I am excited for them!
One of our members had us over last night and fed us a 5 course, authentic Japanese meal and it was so awesome, and so good! I am very grateful for the love and support we have.
Today we went to Green Sands beach, it was so beautiful! The sand is literally green, but looks like gold flakes! I will definitely be back!

One of the coolest parts of this week was at a dinner the other night, our member Bro. Pe'a was talking about fire knifing and he mentioned Elder College that was there with him about 20 years ago.. I was freaking out in my mind because I didn't believe it, but then I asked what his first name was and he said it was Josh! So I was freaking out even more and then he showed me a picture of Bro. College and I was super happy! Most people don't talk about or remember the names of the last Elders in the area, let alone an Elder from 20 or so years ago! Bro. Pe'a said that Elder College left a good impact and example on him, because of his respect for the Hawaiian Culture. That was a blessing for me!

Everything else is great, major flooding again so taking our truck "boating" is becoming a pretty regular occurrence haha. Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What a week! 

We officially have our truck back so that has been nice. We had Zone conference in Hilo on Wednesday with President Warner. That was really good, we talked a lot about staying strong after the mission. Elder Whiteley and a few others gave there "Dying testimonies". That was sad.

The work is at a high right now, we had an awesome lesson with the Stevens this week, we prepared them for their Baptismal interview and answered the questions that they had. They are super solid. Yesterday they came to church for the second time and we had 3 other investigators come as well! 

We met some really cool families this week. We ate with our Stake President and he told us his story from when he met his wife up until now, and it was such a privilege. I appreciate Stake Presidents a lot more now than I ever have. 

Today we went to Mauna Kea and watched the sunrise. It was super pretty! And believe it or not it was in the mid 30's today! I am a wimp now when it is with cold weather haha. 

Not the best picture ever but this is our District, I love em! 

Love you guys!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Man, that was a really fast year! I have been told that the second year goes even faster, I can't imagine that! Sister Makanesi and Sister Ranck surprised me with a huge pink cake that said "Happy 1 year Snelldred!" It made me really happy, they are awesome! 

I have learned a lot in this year and can see changes already in myself and many around me. It has been a wonderful blessing to be where I am at today, teaching the good word. I look forward to this coming year and the plenty of learning and growing that I still have left.  

This week was really really slow, because our truck was in the shop. We did manage to catch a few rides to some appointments so that was nice. Even with that, this week was a miracle week! The Stevens (who finally made it to church) accepted to be baptized on the 24th of this month! They are really excited about it and have had confirmations about their decision. It has been super cool! They have already noticed miracles happening as they have chosen to do what is right.

More awesome stuff happened, we had dinner with a part member family, and they took us deep into their back yard and showed us that they had their own pond that they built to raise fish and sustain themselves! It was the coolest thing ever! They gave us a bunch of fish food and we went on the dock and fed them, it was awesome. It reminded me of feeding the Carp at Lake Powell.

Conference was solid. Elder Holland is always my favorite! That was a cool connection he made with Mothers and the Atonement. Until next week! Love you guys