Monday, September 14, 2015

We didn't have dinner one night so we were invited to our Zone leaders member's house for dinner, and they had this cat, which has actually become my 2nd favorite cat. It is legit 1/4 bobcat and weighs almost 20lbs! If it looks like I am crying it is because I was laughing so hard. I love it! It was the first one I have seen that sleeps on it's back with its paws stretched in the air. 

I wanted to share a story I liked. There was a man who went to the barber shop to get a haircut. He started talking to the barber and the barber later told him that he did not believe in God. When he asked why, the barber responded that it was because of all the wars and problems going on in the world. What kind of God would allow that? The man did not know how to respond so he left after his hair was finished. 

He was later walking down the street and saw a man who was very hairy and looked to be in very rough condition. He then went to the barber and said, "I don't believe in barbers anymore!" The barber asked him why he would say such a thing, and the man replied, "because there are people who look like that in this world!" The barber quickly replied, "The reason there are people who look like that in this world, is because they do not come to me."

I would like to share my testimony that just because there is so much evil around us, does not mean there is no God, or that he is not in charge. I know that we must come to him and change our ways. We do not change God's ways. 

See ya next week, love you guys! 

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