Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey guys! It was kind of a rough week this week. We were evacuated from our 2nd area on Wednesday afternoon due to a Tsunami warning, to a chapel closer to the ocean.. Doesn't really make sense, but we got to have about an hour together with the Zone and had a jam sesh. That was pretty cool, but then they sent us back home after we cancelled all of our lessons and appts. and dinner..  

It has been raining here pretty much since. Pretty bad flooding all over. We took our truck boating (not on purpose) and I think we are going to have to take it in for water damage haha. I got sick and missed church, and Elder Ili is getting transferred to Kauai. Plenty more happened but I will try to keep this a little happier and spare the rest. I am glad this week is over! 

Today was pretty cool, we went and saw a waterfall that is huge right now because of all the rain.

Definitely going to miss this guy! I am very lucky to have served with him twice, it is hard saying goodbye again!

Love you guys!

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