Monday, August 24, 2015

So our area is huge! And we have 2 areas, the 1st is the biggest in the mission and the other is the next biggest in the mission.. so combine it is the biggest in the mission. It has been interesting, every Tuesday we drive 2 hours to get to Ka'u where we stay in our other house until Thursday, then we drive back to Kea'au to work here the rest of the week. But we attend both wards, we alternate each week. Even though we cover so much of the Island, the work is really slow. We do a lot of driving, and not a lot of contacting. But we do have a few solid people we are working with right now.
Church yesterday was good, the ward is growing on me. Our investigators are so solid but they have a really hard time making it to church, da locals love there sleep! haha
It is also really hot and humid compared to the other places I have been, I have done a lot of sweating this week. Found a lot of bed bugs in my mattress and box springs, so I got another one. The sister missionaries are having a hard time with evil sprits. It is an interesting place here but I like it. We explored some caves and saw an active volcano. It was awesome!
This is my companion and our Zone leaders we live with. Love these guys!

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