Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey guys!
Started the week saying goodbye to some more families in Maui, and flew over to the Big Island. It is not what I was expecting! It rains pretty much every day here, and usually does not stop. It is still really pretty, and kind of looks like the scenery in Jurassic Park. There are millions of frogs called Koki Frogs, and when it gets dark they start to do their calls, it is pretty eerie.
We are covering 2 wards, Ka'u and Kea'au. Our area is one of the biggest in the missions, but on the bright side we have a nice truck with unlimited miles! Everything is really spread out, so it usually takes 20-30 minutes to get to anyone's house. Our area is well known for being the boonies of Hawaii, and there are a ton of crazy people here! Even more than Maui haha. We usually start the day by getting cussed out by homeless transvestites after a nice morning work out. That is always fun.

I met one of the wards yesterday, they are good people. It is a very hard transition from Pukalani. Elder Whitely is awesome, he is a farmer from Idaho and he goes home in 2 months so I guess you can call me a killer. He is finishing strong though so I am happy about that. We have 3 investigators with a baptism date right now! They are professional Tahitian dancers, and are super cool.
We live with Elder Ili (my trainer) and Elder Lee who I have known since day one, they are super cool and are our Zone leaders. Elder Lee is teaching me how to play guitar, so I am stoked about that!  No pictures from Big Island yet so this one is from Maui. These are my doggies:)

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