Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey everybody! Kind of short on time today, I apologize.
Awesome week this week! We had Mili's Baptismal interview on Monday and it went great! Our Zone leader speaks Tagalog so it was able to go more smoothly. She passed and is ready for baptism tomorrow!! We had dinner with them last night and her friends actually have been trying to talk her out of it and she was able to correct all of their false beliefs about the church and stay strong! Yay! 
Had a really good day at church yesterday. My good friend Elder Damuni left for Samoa. It was sad, we sang goodbye with his family during sacrament. We also had a new investigator brought to church with one of our members, and another good lead from someone else so hopefully we can still have lots of teaching after the baptism.  We almost hit 20 lessons this week, but many of the people we see are not really progressing at the moment so keep them in your prayers please.

We went to Hana again today! This time to go fishing:) We actually caught something too! I was a little surprised. We had some of the other missionaries join us and Elder Hansen and I caught a bunch of really cool fish I have never seen before. It was awesome, were going to fry them up soon I will let ya know how they taste. 

 All is good here. The gospel is the happiest way to live. If you need proof try it out. Love you guys!

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