Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Good week this week. Not a ton happened, but Kapena and his family made it to church this week! We also had an awesome lesson with the Akanas (Part member family) and things feel like they are starting to pick up! I didn't get a picture though, so I will just attach our mission song. It is pretty cool, my companion was one of the singers! Hope you enjoy.
Other than that we did quite a bit of service this week. We are helping a less active family with their balloon bounce houses. They rent them out and we help clean them and fold them up.
The other thing that happened to us recently.. haha we were in the Walmart parking lot and this Filipino 'girl' came up to me and started asking about missionaries. We didn't talk long because we had to go, so I left her our card with our number on it. When I got into the car, I told Elder Bogner that 'she' gave me a bad vibe, and he said, "Bro, that was a guy!" I honestly could not tell though so it was a pretty shocking experience for me. Not 5 minutes later he called and texted trying to flirt with us, asking where we lived and some other creepy stuff. There I was trying to share the Gospel with others haha he has been calling for a while now, this was about a week ago and he's still calling.
Other than that Maui has been quite good. Every day brings something new and crazy, but I love it.
Hope you all have a solid week. Love you lots!

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