Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer news is in, I will be 'killing" Elder Bogner in Pukalani so we will both be staying, and Elder Batac from my last Zone is coming to our district as well! He is super cool.

This week was good. Kinda slower than I am used to, but we are working with what we have. We did more lawn mowing for Paula and Scott (the one in the wheel chair) We were able to gather her information so we could help her get her patriarchal blessing that she lost, I think that will be a game changer in helping her life right now. I am super sad though because the have to move soon, but they want to stay here so we will see where they end up.
Speaking of moving, we helped our relief society president this weekend set up a big garage sale for our investigator. She is not that interested, but she was able to make enough money to fly to Texas. Hopefully she at least has a better taste for Mormons now, she just has a hard time looking past all of the conspiracies of the church to listen to a message.  

We have another part member family we are working with that we invited to be baptized. They said they will pray about it, we are just waiting for the return appointment to see how that is going.
Everything else is good. Maui is a beautiful place, the people are great but for the most part they are content with their lives, so it is hard to help people change.  

This was from our hike last week on Haleakala. It is crazy how much different the climate is as you go up in altitude. 

Love you guys!

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