Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Man we had a killer week! I have been blessed with a companion who wants to finish strong, which is awesome because it is not uncommon for trunkiness to set in at this point. We started playing the uke and singing songs to people on their door step when we tract and it has been awesome. It seems that when we go so far out of our comfort Zone to share our message, that peoples hearts are softened and they are nicer. Plus, as bad as we probably sound, the spirit is stronger when we sing. We broke the record for lessons in a week (for me) and hit 24 this week! We have been averaging in the mid teens so that was awesome. We just started to try and focus and plan better and pray more and God just made everything work out, pretty much all of our appts. were home this week and we have a new investigator finally and they came to church! 

I am also really starting to feel a part of the ward, it takes a little while for me to warm up to all the new people, but this week was a much better feeling as we worked with the members. I have also been working on talking to them like friends instead of the regular lines that you sometimes settle into, and that has really helped them become friends. Wow, funny how that works haha. 

Picture of the week, this is the sunset from the mountain we live on. The mountain on the right is the other half of Maui and the Island on the left is Lanai. I love Maui! It is so beautiful.
The Lord is good, we just need to do our best and have faith and he will help work everything else out.  I definitely saw that this week. 
Hope y'all are good, I love hearing from ya, hope you have a stellar week! 

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