Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey guys!
Sorry I don't have much time today, so I will just give you the highlights. Earlier this week we got offered weed, talked to a man in a lions costume about Jesus and Aids, and I got chased and bit by a big dog. Advice to all you missionaries and to everyone, don't run. You will be better off not running from dogs haha, Elder Bogner was fine because he kept his cool. 

Other than that we are really trying to get the work in Pukalani going faster. We have a lot of "eternal investigators" who have been seeing the missionaries from 3-6 years and not really keeping commitments, so we spent a lot of time tracting this week (that is when I got bit) and we all but forced the Priesthood in the ward to give us a referral thanks to our ward mission leader. 

Today was amazing, we did the Hana drive, and I really suggest you look up pictures of it because it is beautiful. There are quite a few members there, but no missionaries in Hana, they still fed us an amazing lunch for free! Super awesome people.
This is the crew. Almost the whole zone, super cool guys, they have become my really good friends. 
I will see yall next week. Love Elder Snell 

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