Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Man we had a killer week! I have been blessed with a companion who wants to finish strong, which is awesome because it is not uncommon for trunkiness to set in at this point. We started playing the uke and singing songs to people on their door step when we tract and it has been awesome. It seems that when we go so far out of our comfort Zone to share our message, that peoples hearts are softened and they are nicer. Plus, as bad as we probably sound, the spirit is stronger when we sing. We broke the record for lessons in a week (for me) and hit 24 this week! We have been averaging in the mid teens so that was awesome. We just started to try and focus and plan better and pray more and God just made everything work out, pretty much all of our appts. were home this week and we have a new investigator finally and they came to church! 

I am also really starting to feel a part of the ward, it takes a little while for me to warm up to all the new people, but this week was a much better feeling as we worked with the members. I have also been working on talking to them like friends instead of the regular lines that you sometimes settle into, and that has really helped them become friends. Wow, funny how that works haha. 

Picture of the week, this is the sunset from the mountain we live on. The mountain on the right is the other half of Maui and the Island on the left is Lanai. I love Maui! It is so beautiful.
The Lord is good, we just need to do our best and have faith and he will help work everything else out.  I definitely saw that this week. 
Hope y'all are good, I love hearing from ya, hope you have a stellar week! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer news is in, I will be 'killing" Elder Bogner in Pukalani so we will both be staying, and Elder Batac from my last Zone is coming to our district as well! He is super cool.

This week was good. Kinda slower than I am used to, but we are working with what we have. We did more lawn mowing for Paula and Scott (the one in the wheel chair) We were able to gather her information so we could help her get her patriarchal blessing that she lost, I think that will be a game changer in helping her life right now. I am super sad though because the have to move soon, but they want to stay here so we will see where they end up.
Speaking of moving, we helped our relief society president this weekend set up a big garage sale for our investigator. She is not that interested, but she was able to make enough money to fly to Texas. Hopefully she at least has a better taste for Mormons now, she just has a hard time looking past all of the conspiracies of the church to listen to a message.  

We have another part member family we are working with that we invited to be baptized. They said they will pray about it, we are just waiting for the return appointment to see how that is going.
Everything else is good. Maui is a beautiful place, the people are great but for the most part they are content with their lives, so it is hard to help people change.  

This was from our hike last week on Haleakala. It is crazy how much different the climate is as you go up in altitude. 

Love you guys!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Aloha! I hope everyone had an awesome Mothers day and did something special for her. I sure enjoyed talking to her on Sunday and seeing the fam.
This week was a good one. As usual it went by very fast. I got to see Elder Ili again because my companion is the District leader and he went to Lanai for a day so he picked me up while my companion took the ferry here. We did 2 or 3 exchanges this week so I got to take over the area for a couple days, that was exciting. We did a lot of tracting to help find new investigators and help meet the part member families in the ward. He is another Priest we have been taking out with us to help get him ready. He has his call to the Dominican Republic! 

I feel like one of our families we are working with are coming close to becoming members. They have been investigating for a few years now and we went to share Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well, they said they would be willing to be baptized when they come to know it is the right thing to do, and it really feels like they are ready to change their bad habits for good. We also discussed grace and prayer and they got really excited about that. I will keep you posted on them.
Cody from Mililani got Baptized! I was super happy to hear about that. He prayed to know if it was true and his answer was that he needed to go on a mission!!

Everything else is good, thank you Mom for everything you do for me and helping me get where I am today. Love you guys
Hey guys!
Sorry I don't have much time today, so I will just give you the highlights. Earlier this week we got offered weed, talked to a man in a lions costume about Jesus and Aids, and I got chased and bit by a big dog. Advice to all you missionaries and to everyone, don't run. You will be better off not running from dogs haha, Elder Bogner was fine because he kept his cool. 

Other than that we are really trying to get the work in Pukalani going faster. We have a lot of "eternal investigators" who have been seeing the missionaries from 3-6 years and not really keeping commitments, so we spent a lot of time tracting this week (that is when I got bit) and we all but forced the Priesthood in the ward to give us a referral thanks to our ward mission leader. 

Today was amazing, we did the Hana drive, and I really suggest you look up pictures of it because it is beautiful. There are quite a few members there, but no missionaries in Hana, they still fed us an amazing lunch for free! Super awesome people.
This is the crew. Almost the whole zone, super cool guys, they have become my really good friends. 
I will see yall next week. Love Elder Snell