Monday, April 27, 2015

We started off with an awesome Zone Conference in our very own yard! President and Sister Warner wanted to do it in the Pulehu Chapel so we were able to talk to them and set it all up. It was a really awesome place to do it and I learned a lot. President talked about the secularism in today's modern world, and how our mission is really to prepare and convert ourselves so that we can go home and face the issues that will burden us. It was very uplifting. To top it all off guess who else got to come?? Elder Henderson and Elder Ili! I was so pumped to see them again, we were able to talk at lunch about the good ole times, that really were not that long ago, but time is a weird thing out here. They have for sure become some of my best friends and helped me through a lot. 

We were also able to find one of our investigators that we met at the park during our week plan. He lives in his truck so we couldn't find him again, but it all just worked out that we met him at the park a second time! However he was really high, and didn't have a lot to say. So we finished our week plan and talked to another guy at the park and he was high too.. He started swearing really loud, but then he told us it was good swearing and that the poem we read him made him really happy haha.
We also did more service for Bro. Adams, and had Josh work with us for a day. That was exciting, Josh always makes everyone laugh because of his random comments. We have a couple more Priests that have their mission calls, we are going to be working with them a lot more because Bishop wants them to have a little more experience before they go out on their missions. Eliapo is going to the Dominican Republic and Dayson is going to Samoa! ​

It is great to be a missionary! Hard, and fun too, but I am so grateful to be serving. It helps me focus on others more which is never a bad thing:) Thanks for all of your prayers, I wouldn't be offended if you sent me an email or a letter ;) Love you guys

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