Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This week was good. It is still an adjustment working in Maui and meeting all of these new people, but church was better because I wasn't completely lost as to who everybody was.
Earlier this week we spent the day with one of the Priests named Josh. He is currently working on getting his mission call and the Bishop asked us to help get him prepared to serve. He is a funny kid, he definitely brought a new energy into our work day. I was also privileged to take close to 2" off of his hair because he wanted the full missionary experience:) We mowed a really big lawn for Paula and Scott, who is severely disabled and he takes care of her. That was fun, they fed us lunch and we shared a message with them. He is not a member so we are hoping he will come around soon. It is another complicated situation though because she can't really come to church due to her health issues. 

We also did service for a man named brother Adams. He is an older member who has the missionaries do small kine service for him every week, I think because he is lonely.. The service only takes like 30 minutes, but he doesn't really let us leave until breakfast and conversations are over. But he has some really crazy stories about his life, and is working with his wife to try to get her to join but she is a hard one. He is actually a fairly popular artist, his paintings are really cool!
A referral we got from HQ ended up being a really interesting lady named Z. She wasn't too interested in the church but wanted to check with us to see if she could have a yard sale on the church property. After that she told us about all of the conspiracies of the world and of the LDS church. It's pretty amazing how complicated people make of simple things. Obviously we were not that interested in talking about the conspiracies, so all we tried to do was leave her a chapter of scripture to pray about, but people make it so much harder and try to keep us at their houses for days.
There are a lot of cool families here too. Many of them are Part member and we are having slow progress with them now by becoming their friends and sharing messages with their families. Yesterday we had dinner with an awesome member, Bro. Akeo. He is actually a big hunter on Maui and told us about all the deer here. I was pretty blown away because deer here are actually a nuisance and you don't even need tags to kill them. He cooked a huge dinner for us and the main coarse was.. Deer! But it was really good compared to what I thought it would taste like.
I love to hear from you guys, stay strong, always be a good example because you never know who is watching! Until next week-

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