Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey guys! My flight safely landed on Wednesday, it was only like 20 minutes but it was awesome!
Maui is beautiful! We live on a mountain called Haleakala. It is considered "up country" because there are not very many people that live up here and it is an open, green area. The weather is great, the nights actually get chilly but the days are perfect. We are able to see the north and south shores of the Island from where we are, and it is such a beautiful place. It has been a big transition from my last area. They are a super funny, laid back, easygoing people. Elder Bogner is my new companion, he actually dies in 2 transfers, is a super cool, hardworking missionary.
The place where we live is just a few paces behind the Pukalani chapel, which was the first chapel built in all of Hawaii and goes back to the 1800's! George Q Cannon was actually the first missionary there who started everything! Followed by Joseph F Smith and John Napella (helped translate the Book of Mormon to Hawaiian!) This is a picture of Elder Bogner and I in front of it. 
This week has been really crazy and busy. We have a lot of part members here which is awesome, and we have been getting to know them and help them. We did service this week for an older auntie.. she had a hording problem and her land lord was not very happy with her so we had to throw some stuff away and move it around. That was all fine, but then I found a massive cane spider hiding in a mop and I freaked out. She just looked at me funny and went to pick it up, but it ran away! She let it know that it was welcome to live with her. I think that made the spider feel more comfortable. She had many conversations with the insects and the birds.. She had 3 cane spider friends in her bedroom that she told us about.. Keep in mind that they are wider than a deck of cards! That was a fun experience

I am so blessed and excited to continue my service in Maui, I have already learned a lot from Elder Bogner and am loving the switch up. Thanks for all you guys do!

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