Monday, March 16, 2015

Man this week was really tough and really good. I recently learned how much power and influence  the adversary has in peoples lives. Our referral Anthony was coming so close to baptism, he was in 2nd Nephi and was praying and receiving answers. We had 2 amazing lessons with 2 awesome families and the spirit was definitely there. He was doing so well and he was so grateful for the things we were teaching him and then he stopped responding to us. Just a few days later we received a text that he would like to stop the lessons and does not believe what the Mormons teach.. We are still going to follow up to see where that came from, but that pretty much knocked me off my feet.
The Lord has blessed us, however, with 2 new awesome investigators. It was actually right around the same time, we were walking up the street and ran into a nice couple who listened to our message about the Book of Mormon and accepted it! They seemed unusually excited about listening to us, and agreed to meet the following day to discuss it. When we got there, we were surprised to hear that they had read the intro and the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon, and had a list of questions ready for us. We answered them and shared the Restoration and they both accepted Baptism after! I know the Lord places people in our paths who are willing to listen, we just need to open our mouths.
We were also able to meet with them again this week and we brought the Military relations missionaries. I know Elder Griffin and I were not responsible for making that choice. They asked all of these questions about their marriage that we did not know, but the Military relations couple  helped them with everything. They are super excited about the Book of Mormon and were super excited about Church, but didn't make it because of some family issues that came up. We get to teach them again this Tuesday and hopefully again later in the week. I am so excited for them! Please pray for Jonelle and Jeff that they can work through those marriage issues. Also please continue to pray for Anthony, Bro. Pool, John and the other Jeff.
Everything else is going good, we went on an awesome hike this morning with the Zone Leaders. Got to take a selfie with a seal! 

I hope all is well with everybody. Going back to the beginning, resisting the influence of the adversary is very difficult. Most don't figure out how to do it before they die, and I definitely have not either, but with faith in God, prayer and good works it is achievable, and I know that from the progress I have seen in myself and in others.

I love you all, hope incredible things happen this week! Thank you for your prayers-

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