Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Hey guys!
Life in Hawaii is picking up again, yay! Johnelle and Jeff are coming closer and closer to working through all of their obstacles and being baptized! We were able to go to the temple with them this week with the Maekawas and show them around in the VC. They LOVED it! They still really want to be baptized, and we plan on setting an exact date this week. The grandson of one of the deaths last week also told us he wanted to be baptized! We are starting the lessons with him tomorrow! His name is Cody and is a Sr. in High school. On top of that Bro. Pool and John are getting close as well, so I am a little bummed that my time in Mililani is coming close to an end, but making the most of it.
Our temple trip was today as well, that is always a good experience that lifts me up. This is the new Zone and Nanette is in the blue, we have been working with her and this was her first time going to the temple!  

One approach we tried this week to get into peoples houses was called service tracting. We are dressed in normal service clothes and our badges, and we go to targeted houses and offer them service. It was a little bit crazy how many people actually talked to us that have just shut the door in the past. We were able to get into some homes that we have not been able to ever since I have been here, and set up 3 return service appts! I think that is one of the biggest tools we can use to soften peoples hearts. Ammon is a great example of this when he offered to serve the king until he died, it made the king actually listen to him and he ended up converting.
Thank you for all the service that any of you have ever given to me or my family. I hope you have a solid week! Until then- Ofa atu! 

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