Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It was a crazy week this week. Our golden investigator came in from the VC toward the end of the week! His name is Anthony and he is already in 2nd Nephi! We called him on Saturday and invited him to church and sure enough, he came to all 3 meetings! He said he enjoyed it and loved how family oriented we are. I love the ward we are in, we announced that he may be coming in our meeting before church, and they all introduced themselves to him right away! We were late to class because of all of the people that were talking to him. Definitely a really good problem to have :) We are set to start teaching him this Friday!
We were also able to teach Bro. Pool this week and he said that he wants his Baptism to be in March or in May! He is very solid, it is just a matter of him continuing to pray to know when the exact date will be. Please continue to pray for him as he strives to follow Christ.
We were able to teach Jeff as well, he is smiling a lot more and his family is really growing closer together. He said that it is easy to notice the difference in doing the little things (prayer, church, FHE) and says that life just works out better when you are doing what you are supposed to. Please continue to pray for him as well as he strives to overcome his trials.
The news you may or may not have been waiting for is in.. Elder Ili will be serving in Maui, and I will continue to serve in Mililani with Elder Griffin, who I will meet this Wednesday. He has been out a little longer than I have, and I believe is from Utah as well. It still has not hit me though, getting a new companion is pretty hard to think about, to be honest I am a little nervous but I know it will all work out.
This is a picture of the 3 amigos. Elder Henderson, Elder Ili and I. Elder Henderson is one of 4 Elders going to the Island of Molokai.These guys have been really good to me and I am going to miss them!
Love you guys, I hope you have a great week!

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