Thursday, January 29, 2015

I don't think I will have time to fit this whole week into an email. It was amazing! Elder Ili and I got a new car and we were able to visit at least 4 times more people every day, and it has made all the difference in the world.
To start off, we got 2 new Elders in the Zone, Elder Killpack and Elder Cooley. They are great!
Tuesday I went on Exchanges with Elder Henderson. That just so happened to be the day that my prayers were answered for an experience that would give me a boost. We planned that night and felt that we needed to visit a few families that I have never met because they were in his area. The next morning the first house we visited let us in. When we got in we talked story for about 20 minutes and then this man and his wife stopped talking and he just started to cry.. We were not sure what was going on but then he told us his story about how he went inactive in 08 and that he "prayed us here." The spirit was very strong. He said that the church members stopped visiting him after a while and that we were an answer to his prayers and would start working to come back. After our visit with them almost everyone we visited after let us in and listened to us, which happens pretty rarely.
Wednesday Elder Ili and I visited our Part member families and were able to meet some new people towards the bottom of our area who we have had a hard time getting to. We got into a couple houses and are working as much as we can with the PM families.
Thursday we did the same, but also visited some other Potentials. We got 4 new investigators in one day! One of them is really solid, and Twila let us in finally. We helped clear up some of her concerns about the Book of Mormon, and she has really opened up to us. We have been working a lot with the less actives as well, and brought 2 back to church this week.

Friday we had to go do car maintenance in Honolulu so we couldn't visit many people..
Saturday was awesome, we planned to visit about 25 people but on the 2nd visit we stopped and found Jeff, he was working on his truck. He is a member and has one of the hardest lives of anyone I have ever met. He does not feel worthy to come to church but is working towards it for his kids. We ended up listening to his life story and getting to know him and then we offered to help him fix his truck and he let us! We spent most of the night under his truck and learned a lot. We invited him to church, and he explained how he did not want to because he felt that he had let down the members who have done so much for his family. We worked some more, and re-invited him and guess who showed up to Sacrament meeting? Jeff! You could tell it was not easy for him, but he talked to the bishop and is ready to start again. Him and his kids live with some really rough guys, but he is much more optimistic for the future now.
Sunday we went to Jeff's again because he asked us to help him change his spark plugs. When we went over he was still doing good and he is trying to get one of the guys he lives with to come to church with us!
The Lord works in mysterious ways for sure. There is so much work to be done, and not all of it is baptizing. If I learned one thing this week it would be to never give up on someone. Persistence will pay off, people just need to know that they are more than a number and that they are cared about. Please keep Jeff in your prayers that he may overcome his trials. Love Elder Snell

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