Monday, January 5, 2015

Hey guys!
This week was pretty great! On Wednesday we got to eat with a former Ute football player, uncle Brady. He is actually one of Elder Ili’s uncles that he did not know. We met him at the turkey bowl during Thanksgiving and he recognized him from a video his family showed him! He is super cool, they made us an awesome Christmas Eve dinner and talked about all of the family they had in common and his background story. After that, we had a Zone get together at the church and watched Frozen. We just played pool and Air hockey though because we had already seen it, but the rest of the older Elders and Sisters were super excited to watch it.

Christmas day we all opened presents at our pad since it was the only one that could fit everyone. That was fun, I got an electric toothbrush and a lot of candy to go with it haha. Then we went and had breakfast with the Maekawa family, and they were kind enough to let us Skype at their home. That was such a privilege to be able to do that and to talk to everybody! It makes me grateful for the technology that enables us to do that. It almost felt like I was at home for Christmas.
We also taught the Plan of Salvation after baptismal lesson with Keonie, he is still doing great and learning lots. He told me that even though he had heard the lesson, it is just getting more interesting to think about. The Military Relations couple Missionaries even joined us on this lesson to help explain more. It was great! His wife also spoke about their conversion story in a Cottage meeting last night, it was cool to hear how it all played out and how she waited until he was ready to introduce the gospel in his life, and how his conversion also changed her. It was also a good lesson on always being a good example.
This week was pretty slow as far as teaching goes, most of our appointments were cancelled due to getting ready for the Holidays, but I am excited to get into some peoples doors this week. Anyways, I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and hope everyone has the best New Year ever!
Elder Snell

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