Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Oyamas fed us Prime Rib, Shrimp, Lobster, Potatoes and the works. :) SOOOOOO GOOD :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! It was pretty awesome celebrating it here, even though I was sick haha. We went caroling, and did service on Christmas morning, then Skyped afterwards and spent the rest of the day with our awesome members. It was a little weird to be trimming hedges on a sunny Christmas morning, but it helped me realize a little more what it is all about. 

It was kind of hard to proselyte this week being sick, but we were blessed with 2 new investigators who accepted to be Baptized on the 9th :) 

Other than that we watched The Cokeville Miracle and had a ping pong tournament, it was super fun! President and Sister Warner flew out to make our Zone breakfast today!

Oh and thank you so much to everyone who took the time to write a letter or send a card for Christmas. It means a lot to have so much support. Love you all hope you have an awesome new year! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas y'all! It is an awesome time to be a missionary! The work is great, talking to people during Christmas is a lot easier and more exciting. I talked to the most solid person on the street on Saturday, she was so humble and took a Book of Mormon. Still have not followed up but that lit the fire and made it all worth it. Hope she will take the lessons!

I want to say this as humbly as possible, our Zone is the best! haha. We hit our goals two weeks in a row, which has never been done in the Hawaii mission. So if everything works out President might fly out again to make us breakfast :) 

Pday was pretty awesome, we went to Waipio Valley again and did service on a different Tarro farm. They fed us Tarro Chile and we had another mud fight, it was so awesome! 
​We also did a lot of service, put a roof on a house, power washed a driveway and mowed lawns. Fun stuff. Super excited to call home! Love you guys, Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka!

Man, it was an awesome week this week. Our Zone is on fire! We hit all of our goals (harder than it sounds) and set some new records and so President Warner is flying over this week to make us breakfast :) The work is really up and down for each of us but overall we are doing really good, and having a lot of fun at the same time.

Been continuing our street contacting efforts, and an average day varies from rated PG-13 to R, but we have still found some solid people and are making it work. The homeless people are always fun, some advice I have for everyone.. If someone is talking to themselves, it is just as rude to interrupt their conversation as it would be to interrupt them if they were talking to another person.. Lol

We went to Green sands and South Point for P-day.  It was awesome but I didn't take any pics so this is another random one haha. I think this thing was on Duck Dynasty
Everything else is great! Looking forward to Christmas, and seeing the fam:) Love you guys!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Good week, our investigator who is on probation is so solid. He has decided to continue to have lessons and hang in there because he knows it is the right thing to do. He is still optimistic and strongly working toward his baptism, it has been very emotional and uplifting teaching him. 

We had a miracle yesterday, one of our members, Brother T. came and told us that he does not want to mess around anymore and that he wants us to baptize 2 of his family members! That was an answer to prayers after losing 2 :) 

We had mission tour and interviews with President Warner this week. They were good, President was stoked with our district. For Mission Tour we had Elder Hamula, a member of the 70, come talk with us. That was good. 

For P-day last week we went to Coconut Island, it is super small and you just walk across a bridge to get to it, but still pretty cool haha. This is my district, they the best!
The rest has been good, chances are I will be staying on the Big Island for another transfer but we will see this week. 

Aloha Au Ia ╩╗Oe!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hey guys!

It was a pretty good week. I am pretty mad though, we are possibly losing another of our Baptisms for being on probation.. That makes 2 in 2 weeks :( There is a possibility that one of them will be baptized though because the reason they are on probation is so dumb. Anyways, keep them in your prayers that whatever decision made will be the right one.

Our District was challenged by the other District this week of who could contact, and attempt to share the Gospel with the most people. That was their mistake haha, the 6 of us won, and set a new record as #1 in the Hawaii mission! We met a ton of crazy people in the process! A couple good ones too! We are also now friends with the majority of the homeless people downtown as well haha. 

Thanksgiving was great, we had 3 dinner stops. We shared the day with some of my favorite families though so it was a really memorable and enjoyable day, as stuffed as we were. This was when I got to eat chicken feet, I didn't take any other pics this week.

I am very grateful for everyone who has been a part of my life to make me the person I am. Especially for all the friends and family who constantly support me. Thank you for everything that each one of you has done. 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Hello Hello!

This week was bitter sweet. Our District is on fire right now, I don't take the credit for it either because they are so awesome! We have been working together a lot more and it has really helped us reach our goals. 

One of our Investigators with a Baptismal date can no longer be baptized any time soon, due to some legal issues.. That made me really sad. We still have one with a date though so that is good. 

I am really loving the ward, they are really good to us. Looking forward to the Holidays! We had a missionary volleyball tournament last week and our uniforms were pretty awesome but we got destroyed haha.

Did some awesome service, met some really cool people, and just continuing to do a lot of missionary work! It's been good
Love you guys!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hey guys! This week was really good. Our District is really awesome and we have been flooding the city and working together and we have seen some awesome success! We hit one of the Zone's highest records in a long time! The work is really solid. 

We had a miracle investigator come to church this Sunday, we were able to set him with a baptismal date, and teach the first lesson with one of the members. His name is Doug, he is a huge blessing! I even predicted that there would be a miracle coming that day because I slipped and fell into a pile of mud right before church started, so I knew I needed to not let that get my spirits down even though I couldn't change clothes haha. 

Sam is still really solid, he also has a date in December! This week we went to the Temple, that is why I am emailing today. It was awesome, don't have a lot of time to email though.
Other than that it has been fun, showing Elder Nunn the loops. I am doing better, taking it one day at a time. It is going by so fast! 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hey guys! Elder Nunn flew in on Wednesday and we hit the ground running! Half of our Zone is green so that is interesting. Elder Nunn and I had some awesome lessons this week, we invited 4 to baptism, all said yes and 1 has a date for the 12th of December! I will keep you posted on the other 3 but I think they are pretty solid too! 

Not a lot else has happened. Met a lot of new people this week. Training has been interesting, he is a solid teacher but it is weird and hard transitioning from experienced missionaries to a new one. 

This pic is of us on Mauna Kea. Elder Nunn is the top right. It was a beautiful/expensive sunrise this morning. We had a car accident and the Truck is going to be in the shop again for a while, but this one was not our fault. We are all ok! 
Until next week, love you guys! Alooooooha!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey guys! It has definitely been a week full of tests and trials. But it is getting more and more obvious that they must precede the miracles.

One of our members lost our dinner calendar, and I was pretty stressed out about that because it has 2 months worth of names of the people who feed us.. We tried everything but didn't find it until yesterday. It was a huge relief still to find it! 

Also, the time for Elder Whiteley to return home comes this Wednesday, so that has been sad to kill another one, and a couple others I have grown close to are dying as well.. My new companion will actually be a greenie, and his name is Elder Nunn. I'll be straight, I am not excited to train, but of course there is plenty more I need to learn. 

President Warner has also asked that I serve as district leader.. Which I am pretty stressed about doing both but I know the Lord's got me.

Anyways the miracles that happened, we got our calendar back, and we have another really solid investigator who bore his testimony yesterday and pretty much told the ward he wants to be baptized! We have a lesson with him on Thursday! There are a lot of others who are almost as solid, a lot of work to be done with Elder Nunn!

Gonna miss this guy, we've had some good times, some hard, and some really rewarding that I will never forget. May he rest in peace haha
This was a picture from last week from our Tarro farming project :)

Love you guys!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Man this was one of the most solid weeks ever. Aly and Tia's Baptism went so great! Elder Whiteley and I were able to perform the ordinance. There was a good spirit there:) 

We also got to go fishing! It was so fun! I accidentally caught a turtle, but that is super not allowed so I had to let it loose.  

Had a really fun service project, we got to work on a Taro patch in a beautiful valley.

Have some solid new investigators, there is a lot of work to be done. Don't have a ton of time today but I'm doing good. 

Also ate chicken feet this week! It was an interesting experience.  

Love you guys! Love Elder Snell

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Man this was a good week!
Started off fun, we all had to get tested for TB so our Zone got to hang for a bit. Elder Whiteley and I hit our area record and taught 25 lessons, and have 3 with a Baptismal date! Trying to make his last 2 weeks count haha.
The Stevens are super solid, one of them went to institute without us even mentioning it to her and she really enjoyed it! Their Baptism is set for this Saturday and they are very prepared! I am excited for them!
One of our members had us over last night and fed us a 5 course, authentic Japanese meal and it was so awesome, and so good! I am very grateful for the love and support we have.
Today we went to Green Sands beach, it was so beautiful! The sand is literally green, but looks like gold flakes! I will definitely be back!

One of the coolest parts of this week was at a dinner the other night, our member Bro. Pe'a was talking about fire knifing and he mentioned Elder College that was there with him about 20 years ago.. I was freaking out in my mind because I didn't believe it, but then I asked what his first name was and he said it was Josh! So I was freaking out even more and then he showed me a picture of Bro. College and I was super happy! Most people don't talk about or remember the names of the last Elders in the area, let alone an Elder from 20 or so years ago! Bro. Pe'a said that Elder College left a good impact and example on him, because of his respect for the Hawaiian Culture. That was a blessing for me!

Everything else is great, major flooding again so taking our truck "boating" is becoming a pretty regular occurrence haha. Love you guys!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What a week! 

We officially have our truck back so that has been nice. We had Zone conference in Hilo on Wednesday with President Warner. That was really good, we talked a lot about staying strong after the mission. Elder Whiteley and a few others gave there "Dying testimonies". That was sad.

The work is at a high right now, we had an awesome lesson with the Stevens this week, we prepared them for their Baptismal interview and answered the questions that they had. They are super solid. Yesterday they came to church for the second time and we had 3 other investigators come as well! 

We met some really cool families this week. We ate with our Stake President and he told us his story from when he met his wife up until now, and it was such a privilege. I appreciate Stake Presidents a lot more now than I ever have. 

Today we went to Mauna Kea and watched the sunrise. It was super pretty! And believe it or not it was in the mid 30's today! I am a wimp now when it is with cold weather haha. 

Not the best picture ever but this is our District, I love em! 

Love you guys!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Man, that was a really fast year! I have been told that the second year goes even faster, I can't imagine that! Sister Makanesi and Sister Ranck surprised me with a huge pink cake that said "Happy 1 year Snelldred!" It made me really happy, they are awesome! 

I have learned a lot in this year and can see changes already in myself and many around me. It has been a wonderful blessing to be where I am at today, teaching the good word. I look forward to this coming year and the plenty of learning and growing that I still have left.  

This week was really really slow, because our truck was in the shop. We did manage to catch a few rides to some appointments so that was nice. Even with that, this week was a miracle week! The Stevens (who finally made it to church) accepted to be baptized on the 24th of this month! They are really excited about it and have had confirmations about their decision. It has been super cool! They have already noticed miracles happening as they have chosen to do what is right.

More awesome stuff happened, we had dinner with a part member family, and they took us deep into their back yard and showed us that they had their own pond that they built to raise fish and sustain themselves! It was the coolest thing ever! They gave us a bunch of fish food and we went on the dock and fed them, it was awesome. It reminded me of feeding the Carp at Lake Powell.

Conference was solid. Elder Holland is always my favorite! That was a cool connection he made with Mothers and the Atonement. Until next week! Love you guys

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man it was a miracle week this week! We talked to the Stevens (our main investigators) who have not come to church yet for over 8 months, about coming to the YSA, and they were a lot more open to coming to that! So we arranged a ride for them and they came to church yesterday! I know that sounds like a simple fix but we have mentioned it before and I guess it was just time! Either way, I am super excited that they came, it is a lot more rewarding when the work is slow! The fellowship in the YSA is super solid too, they made a lot of friends and want to come again.

I don't think we will get to teach them for too much longer because we may have to hand them off to the YSA Elders, but getting them to this point was still an awesome experience! We should be able to at least set their baptism date, because that was the only thing holding them back.

I think all the blessings from enduring through last week came this week, because we also got 6 new referrals! Normally we get like, maybe 1 a week, and we got 6 in two days! It was awesome, I think things are picking up! We still need to contact some of them but there is a lot of potential.

Other than that, things are good. Lots of rain, the new Zone leader who we live with is pretty cool. I also found a fishing pole in the pad so I am excited to go again:) Here is another South Point picture-
Love you guys!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hey guys! It was kind of a rough week this week. We were evacuated from our 2nd area on Wednesday afternoon due to a Tsunami warning, to a chapel closer to the ocean.. Doesn't really make sense, but we got to have about an hour together with the Zone and had a jam sesh. That was pretty cool, but then they sent us back home after we cancelled all of our lessons and appts. and dinner..  

It has been raining here pretty much since. Pretty bad flooding all over. We took our truck boating (not on purpose) and I think we are going to have to take it in for water damage haha. I got sick and missed church, and Elder Ili is getting transferred to Kauai. Plenty more happened but I will try to keep this a little happier and spare the rest. I am glad this week is over! 

Today was pretty cool, we went and saw a waterfall that is huge right now because of all the rain.

Definitely going to miss this guy! I am very lucky to have served with him twice, it is hard saying goodbye again!

Love you guys!

Monday, September 14, 2015

We didn't have dinner one night so we were invited to our Zone leaders member's house for dinner, and they had this cat, which has actually become my 2nd favorite cat. It is legit 1/4 bobcat and weighs almost 20lbs! If it looks like I am crying it is because I was laughing so hard. I love it! It was the first one I have seen that sleeps on it's back with its paws stretched in the air. 

I wanted to share a story I liked. There was a man who went to the barber shop to get a haircut. He started talking to the barber and the barber later told him that he did not believe in God. When he asked why, the barber responded that it was because of all the wars and problems going on in the world. What kind of God would allow that? The man did not know how to respond so he left after his hair was finished. 

He was later walking down the street and saw a man who was very hairy and looked to be in very rough condition. He then went to the barber and said, "I don't believe in barbers anymore!" The barber asked him why he would say such a thing, and the man replied, "because there are people who look like that in this world!" The barber quickly replied, "The reason there are people who look like that in this world, is because they do not come to me."

I would like to share my testimony that just because there is so much evil around us, does not mean there is no God, or that he is not in charge. I know that we must come to him and change our ways. We do not change God's ways. 

See ya next week, love you guys! 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hey guys, I know you missed me yesterday, haha. We had the chance to go to the temple in Kona and it was awesome! Also, we don't have a ton of time today but I will do my best. 

This week was great, another week full of missionary work. We did a lot of service this week, our Zone got over 100 hours! Mostly cutting down cane grass and throwing away peoples trash.

We had an investigator come to church! This is the first time since I have gotten here so I was pretty excited about that. Still no one with a date but hopefully we can fix that this week. 

Our ward trust is getting a lot better, they are warming up a lot since I first came so that is good. Temple pics!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We had a busy week this week. A whole lot of service. Nothing really new, weed wacking, lawn mowing, moving people to new places and such. Oh, but I had the privilege of meeting a man who had a Hitler shrine in his house, and many other collection items of him, who swears to us that Hitler and Bin Laden were both wronged.. Ohhh the people we meet! 

Our main investigating family is going through a terrible time right now. Their father just walked out on all of them with another woman, so that has been a big trial for everyone. Please keep them in your prayers. 

We had interviews with President Warner this week, that went well. Did work on our area books, had records from 1999! You are supposed to throw them away if you haven't used them for 6 months.. so that was super fun. But they look a lot better now! 

Met my other ward this week. They are super cool, and welcoming. It is pretty tiring to drive 2 hours to church and 2 hours back though. This is a picture from that area called South Point. It is called that because it is the Southern most part of the USA. Super pretty! Our member told us that the week we went was the first week in 8 years that it had rained enough to be green like that so I definitely consider that a tender mercy! 
Nothing on the hurricanes yet, the last 3 or 4 have all missed us so we are all good. Even if they hit we will be protected! See y'all next week, love you guys!

Monday, August 24, 2015

So our area is huge! And we have 2 areas, the 1st is the biggest in the mission and the other is the next biggest in the mission.. so combine it is the biggest in the mission. It has been interesting, every Tuesday we drive 2 hours to get to Ka'u where we stay in our other house until Thursday, then we drive back to Kea'au to work here the rest of the week. But we attend both wards, we alternate each week. Even though we cover so much of the Island, the work is really slow. We do a lot of driving, and not a lot of contacting. But we do have a few solid people we are working with right now.
Church yesterday was good, the ward is growing on me. Our investigators are so solid but they have a really hard time making it to church, da locals love there sleep! haha
It is also really hot and humid compared to the other places I have been, I have done a lot of sweating this week. Found a lot of bed bugs in my mattress and box springs, so I got another one. The sister missionaries are having a hard time with evil sprits. It is an interesting place here but I like it. We explored some caves and saw an active volcano. It was awesome!
This is my companion and our Zone leaders we live with. Love these guys!

Hey guys!
Started the week saying goodbye to some more families in Maui, and flew over to the Big Island. It is not what I was expecting! It rains pretty much every day here, and usually does not stop. It is still really pretty, and kind of looks like the scenery in Jurassic Park. There are millions of frogs called Koki Frogs, and when it gets dark they start to do their calls, it is pretty eerie.
We are covering 2 wards, Ka'u and Kea'au. Our area is one of the biggest in the missions, but on the bright side we have a nice truck with unlimited miles! Everything is really spread out, so it usually takes 20-30 minutes to get to anyone's house. Our area is well known for being the boonies of Hawaii, and there are a ton of crazy people here! Even more than Maui haha. We usually start the day by getting cussed out by homeless transvestites after a nice morning work out. That is always fun.

I met one of the wards yesterday, they are good people. It is a very hard transition from Pukalani. Elder Whitely is awesome, he is a farmer from Idaho and he goes home in 2 months so I guess you can call me a killer. He is finishing strong though so I am happy about that. We have 3 investigators with a baptism date right now! They are professional Tahitian dancers, and are super cool.
We live with Elder Ili (my trainer) and Elder Lee who I have known since day one, they are super cool and are our Zone leaders. Elder Lee is teaching me how to play guitar, so I am stoked about that!  No pictures from Big Island yet so this one is from Maui. These are my doggies:)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Wow this was probably one of the tougher weeks on the mission so far. Transfers calls were on Saturday and I was never called so I thought I was safe to stay one more in Maui, but the call came late around 10:30 Saturday night. The good news is I will be going to the Big Island! Which I have heard a lot of great things about, and I have an awesome companion, also I will be living with Elder Ili (my trainer) because it is a 4 man pad! I am stoked about that, but saying goodbye to all these families here was soooo hard. I have really loved working with them and have made some life long friends.
Another hard part is that we have a new investigator who is here for two weeks because she was prompted to come visit her family and to get baptized.. Wow. haha I am sad I won't be here to finish the lessons with her but am also glad to have helped start them. That was a miracle! Her family has been worried about her for the whole time I have been here.
Today was good, we went on a hike with Jason and some other Elders. We hiked to a waterfall, it was super cool.
Picture for this week is of the Mossman clan. They have been so good to us and will for sure be life long friends:)
I love you guys, I will see you next week on the Big Island!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Man it was a great week! Mili was able to be baptized on the 28th, and was confirmed a member yesterday! That is one of my favorite things to be a part of, when people really want to follow Christ and start their life fresh, it makes me so happy to be a helping hand in that process. This is a picture of Elder Nielsen and I, Mili and her family, and the Wunder's, who introduced us to Jason and Mili and played a huge role in fellow shipping and inviting them to everything.

Yesterday was good. We had church, which was actually a little bit sad because we said goodbye to another Elder, Elder Nickel who we spent a lot of good times with on splits. He is from Samoa and will be going to the Dominican republic!

After that we had dinner and came to a musical fireside with everyone from all of Maui and Molokai and Lanai so pretty big. We had a lot of talent from our ward and after we all met up. I love this ward so much! I feel like they are my family. They are so awesome!
Other than that, a solid week of missionary work, service and all that fun stuff. The Wunder's are doing work too, they introduced us to some more of their friends and already having them coming to church and come to the baptism, they are awesome! I will keep you posted on their friends and see you next week! Love you guys

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hey everybody! Kind of short on time today, I apologize.
Awesome week this week! We had Mili's Baptismal interview on Monday and it went great! Our Zone leader speaks Tagalog so it was able to go more smoothly. She passed and is ready for baptism tomorrow!! We had dinner with them last night and her friends actually have been trying to talk her out of it and she was able to correct all of their false beliefs about the church and stay strong! Yay! 
Had a really good day at church yesterday. My good friend Elder Damuni left for Samoa. It was sad, we sang goodbye with his family during sacrament. We also had a new investigator brought to church with one of our members, and another good lead from someone else so hopefully we can still have lots of teaching after the baptism.  We almost hit 20 lessons this week, but many of the people we see are not really progressing at the moment so keep them in your prayers please.

We went to Hana again today! This time to go fishing:) We actually caught something too! I was a little surprised. We had some of the other missionaries join us and Elder Hansen and I caught a bunch of really cool fish I have never seen before. It was awesome, were going to fry them up soon I will let ya know how they taste. 

 All is good here. The gospel is the happiest way to live. If you need proof try it out. Love you guys!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hey guys! Twas a pretty good week. We had Zone Conference with President and Sister Warner. That was good! Elder Matua finished and went back home to Lehi, hard to see another go, but it was time.
Tonight is Mili's baptismal interview! The last official step. They are still solid and Jason (husband) is almost an Aaronic Priesthood holder so he will be able to perform it! I am super excited for their family. We stopped by this week as well to answer questions and prepare for the interview.
We hiked Iao Valley this morning. Iao means cloud supreme in Hawaiian, Iao needle is the cool thing in the picture. It is taller in real life. 

​Other than that life is good. Lots of service, lots of random situations that I think have made me forget what is normal. This week we helped transplant a bunch of plants, but don't worry, the plants were talked to as they were buried. The sweet talk is the secret that helps them make it through the rough times:) haha love you guys, the church is true! Love Elder Schnells

Monday, July 13, 2015

Hello my friends!
Another good week here in Maui. Mili and Jason are still solid for baptism on the 28th. We finished the lessons this week and they came to church for their 5th time yesterday. I am so excited for their family. Both of them are willing to live all of the laws (Word of Wisdom, Chastity, Tithing ect.) and are still excited to make this change to their lives.
We did a lot of service this week. Rolled up some more Castles, pulled weeds, swept a roof and lots of lawn mowing and weed wacking.  Also filtered out a lot of names from our ward list that had moved. Taking over the area has been a little more stressful but we had a solid week. 
​This is a picture taken on top of Haleakala Volcano (the very top of Maui). We went with our friend Kit who is also a returned missionary and watched the sunrise, it was so pretty! 

Hope this week is great for all of you, I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and for second chances. I think that is the greatest gift that could have been given to any of us. 
Love you guys-

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What an awesome week! Picked up my new companion on Wednesday, Elder Nielsen. He is a good missionary, really cool too, we are both into similar things so that helps. He has been out 19 months and is from Detroit. 
Exciting news, earlier this week we had our lesson with Jason and Mili. We talked about baptism and set her with a date for the 28th of this month! She is super excited, and if all works out, her husband will be able to baptize her! I am so excited for them, they are a really awesome family who will be a great addition to our ward. Our final lesson with them will be tonight.
More exciting news, I don't know if any of you remember Jeff from Mililani but he was baptized yesterday as well! He was the miracle we met on our way back from a former investigators house.
We had some good lessons this week. One was kind of funny, we teach it at the church and play footsal with them after. But during the lesson, we kept having members join us because they were surprising Elder Bogner for his last night. By the end we had almost 20 members helping pitch into our lesson! It was pretty funny, they were all friends with the family so it wasn't weird.
That's pretty much it, we had a good turn out at Sacrament meeting this week, good 4th of July! Also kind of nerve racking taking over the area but it has been really good so far. 

See ya next week-

Elder Jake Snell

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hey guys! Sorry again for the rushed letter. Just got back from Hana and have a lesson at 6. This week has been kinda sad.. We said goodbye to quite a few people. Elder Bogner goes home this Wednesday! He spoke in Sacrament meeting and the congregation sang to him and gave him lots of Leis, it was super cool but sad.
My next companion is coming from Molokai, his name is Elder Neilson and is from Michigan. I have only heard good things about him so I am looking forward to the next transfer or 2 in Maui.
This week was also good. Jason and Mili are fitting into the ward perfectly, she is looking forward to continuing to take the lessons and we are going to talk to her about baptism tonight! :) They have both been extremely active in all of the activities, and stay the whole time for church which is challenging in Hawaii. They have also made many friends quickly so I am very excited to see what the future holds for their family.
Anyways, here is a picture of Elder Bogner and I. He has been a great missionary and made our Heavenly Father proud, no doubt. I am grateful to have served with him. 
Thank you for everyone who stays in touch, it is appreciated! 
Leading by example is the most powerful way to teach. That is how Jesus did it and that is how we should do it. Just a short thought. Love you guys and hope you have a great week! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It was a good week. We had 5 investigators come to church yesterday! That is way good compared to normal. This is because one of the families in our ward has introduced their neighbors to the church and invited them to take the lessons! People here are a great example to me of fellow-shipping new people. They said that they really enjoyed church and want to continue the lessons and come again! Our next lesson is set for tomorrow and I am super pumped! 
We did a lot of service this week, my favorite of which was for Auntie Meesh, the one with the hoards. She is getting new land lords and will be kicked out if she doesn't clean her place up, so we moved a lot of stuff. It was like "Christmas" for her because she forgot what was in the boxes and we got to unwrap it all and organize it.. Found and talked to some more Cane Spiders as well, so we were definitely not bored haha.
Making really good progress with Keanu (bounce houses) as well. We were helping take down, and he had all these questions about the Restoration so we taught it as we did service. He is very humble and curious so I am excited with him too!
Got to see a turtle on our hike! First one for all of us so pretty stoked about that! 
Anyways, I hope you all had a great Father's Day! I am so grateful for my Dad and all that he does for me and my family, and getting me where I am today. I don't know where I'd be without him:) Love you Dad, love you guys, see you next week! 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hey guys, sorry this may be short as we are low on time today.. Had an awesome week this week. Almost hit 20 again! We taught 19 lessons. President came to Maui and we did interviews, that was good! Elder Bogner had his dying interview :0 He is going home in 2 weeks! Time is flying. We fasted for missionary work as a ward and are definitely seeing the blessings, we have a new investigator and a couple progressing who have a lot of potential.
Had an epic P-day today. A family we are working with owns a bounce house business and let us use their water splash! It was awesome! Our Zone is doing really good so President Warner gave us a Zone P-day! This is how we spent it:) 

Hope everyone has a killer week! Choke Aloha, Love you guys!

Good week this week. Not a ton happened, but Kapena and his family made it to church this week! We also had an awesome lesson with the Akanas (Part member family) and things feel like they are starting to pick up! I didn't get a picture though, so I will just attach our mission song. It is pretty cool, my companion was one of the singers! Hope you enjoy.
Other than that we did quite a bit of service this week. We are helping a less active family with their balloon bounce houses. They rent them out and we help clean them and fold them up.
The other thing that happened to us recently.. haha we were in the Walmart parking lot and this Filipino 'girl' came up to me and started asking about missionaries. We didn't talk long because we had to go, so I left her our card with our number on it. When I got into the car, I told Elder Bogner that 'she' gave me a bad vibe, and he said, "Bro, that was a guy!" I honestly could not tell though so it was a pretty shocking experience for me. Not 5 minutes later he called and texted trying to flirt with us, asking where we lived and some other creepy stuff. There I was trying to share the Gospel with others haha he has been calling for a while now, this was about a week ago and he's still calling.
Other than that Maui has been quite good. Every day brings something new and crazy, but I love it.
Hope you all have a solid week. Love you lots!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hey guys!
This week was pretty awesome. We almost hit 20 lessons again and we did a lot of good!

One cool thing that happened was we were leaving McDonalds and this guy  started honking at us and we always just Shaka back but then he started yelling at us to stop! The windows were down and everything too so it kind of freaked us out but he told us that he wants to start coming back to church, and that he was excommunicated in the past and he knew through the loss of the Holy Ghost that it was the wrong decision. Anyways, 20 or so years later he works up the courage to talk to us, and tells us that he wants to come back. We went to see him yesterday and it went well, but we learned that he is not even in our boundary so that is another contact we have to give to other missionaries haha that is ok though.
A lot of service this week. Lawn mowing, window washing, moving, ect. We also took Josh (future missionary) out and did some more Uke tracting. Got a good lead from that, she liked how we switched it up to singing our message.
This is a picture Josh took of us on a cool bridge we crossed. Missionary work, and life, can be very challenging. But we need to heed the counsel of the bridge and enjoy the journey, or else we will miss out on so much. Learning how to enjoy serving the Lord and others is so important, because the attitude in which we do so, is what will develop our own character and spiritual progress. 

Love you guys, hope you have a great week! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Man we had a killer week! I have been blessed with a companion who wants to finish strong, which is awesome because it is not uncommon for trunkiness to set in at this point. We started playing the uke and singing songs to people on their door step when we tract and it has been awesome. It seems that when we go so far out of our comfort Zone to share our message, that peoples hearts are softened and they are nicer. Plus, as bad as we probably sound, the spirit is stronger when we sing. We broke the record for lessons in a week (for me) and hit 24 this week! We have been averaging in the mid teens so that was awesome. We just started to try and focus and plan better and pray more and God just made everything work out, pretty much all of our appts. were home this week and we have a new investigator finally and they came to church! 

I am also really starting to feel a part of the ward, it takes a little while for me to warm up to all the new people, but this week was a much better feeling as we worked with the members. I have also been working on talking to them like friends instead of the regular lines that you sometimes settle into, and that has really helped them become friends. Wow, funny how that works haha. 

Picture of the week, this is the sunset from the mountain we live on. The mountain on the right is the other half of Maui and the Island on the left is Lanai. I love Maui! It is so beautiful.
The Lord is good, we just need to do our best and have faith and he will help work everything else out.  I definitely saw that this week. 
Hope y'all are good, I love hearing from ya, hope you have a stellar week! 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Transfer news is in, I will be 'killing" Elder Bogner in Pukalani so we will both be staying, and Elder Batac from my last Zone is coming to our district as well! He is super cool.

This week was good. Kinda slower than I am used to, but we are working with what we have. We did more lawn mowing for Paula and Scott (the one in the wheel chair) We were able to gather her information so we could help her get her patriarchal blessing that she lost, I think that will be a game changer in helping her life right now. I am super sad though because the have to move soon, but they want to stay here so we will see where they end up.
Speaking of moving, we helped our relief society president this weekend set up a big garage sale for our investigator. She is not that interested, but she was able to make enough money to fly to Texas. Hopefully she at least has a better taste for Mormons now, she just has a hard time looking past all of the conspiracies of the church to listen to a message.  

We have another part member family we are working with that we invited to be baptized. They said they will pray about it, we are just waiting for the return appointment to see how that is going.
Everything else is good. Maui is a beautiful place, the people are great but for the most part they are content with their lives, so it is hard to help people change.  

This was from our hike last week on Haleakala. It is crazy how much different the climate is as you go up in altitude. 

Love you guys!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Aloha! I hope everyone had an awesome Mothers day and did something special for her. I sure enjoyed talking to her on Sunday and seeing the fam.
This week was a good one. As usual it went by very fast. I got to see Elder Ili again because my companion is the District leader and he went to Lanai for a day so he picked me up while my companion took the ferry here. We did 2 or 3 exchanges this week so I got to take over the area for a couple days, that was exciting. We did a lot of tracting to help find new investigators and help meet the part member families in the ward. He is another Priest we have been taking out with us to help get him ready. He has his call to the Dominican Republic! 

I feel like one of our families we are working with are coming close to becoming members. They have been investigating for a few years now and we went to share Gospel of Jesus Christ and it went really well, they said they would be willing to be baptized when they come to know it is the right thing to do, and it really feels like they are ready to change their bad habits for good. We also discussed grace and prayer and they got really excited about that. I will keep you posted on them.
Cody from Mililani got Baptized! I was super happy to hear about that. He prayed to know if it was true and his answer was that he needed to go on a mission!!

Everything else is good, thank you Mom for everything you do for me and helping me get where I am today. Love you guys
Hey guys!
Sorry I don't have much time today, so I will just give you the highlights. Earlier this week we got offered weed, talked to a man in a lions costume about Jesus and Aids, and I got chased and bit by a big dog. Advice to all you missionaries and to everyone, don't run. You will be better off not running from dogs haha, Elder Bogner was fine because he kept his cool. 

Other than that we are really trying to get the work in Pukalani going faster. We have a lot of "eternal investigators" who have been seeing the missionaries from 3-6 years and not really keeping commitments, so we spent a lot of time tracting this week (that is when I got bit) and we all but forced the Priesthood in the ward to give us a referral thanks to our ward mission leader. 

Today was amazing, we did the Hana drive, and I really suggest you look up pictures of it because it is beautiful. There are quite a few members there, but no missionaries in Hana, they still fed us an amazing lunch for free! Super awesome people.
This is the crew. Almost the whole zone, super cool guys, they have become my really good friends. 
I will see yall next week. Love Elder Snell 

Monday, April 27, 2015

We started off with an awesome Zone Conference in our very own yard! President and Sister Warner wanted to do it in the Pulehu Chapel so we were able to talk to them and set it all up. It was a really awesome place to do it and I learned a lot. President talked about the secularism in today's modern world, and how our mission is really to prepare and convert ourselves so that we can go home and face the issues that will burden us. It was very uplifting. To top it all off guess who else got to come?? Elder Henderson and Elder Ili! I was so pumped to see them again, we were able to talk at lunch about the good ole times, that really were not that long ago, but time is a weird thing out here. They have for sure become some of my best friends and helped me through a lot. 

We were also able to find one of our investigators that we met at the park during our week plan. He lives in his truck so we couldn't find him again, but it all just worked out that we met him at the park a second time! However he was really high, and didn't have a lot to say. So we finished our week plan and talked to another guy at the park and he was high too.. He started swearing really loud, but then he told us it was good swearing and that the poem we read him made him really happy haha.
We also did more service for Bro. Adams, and had Josh work with us for a day. That was exciting, Josh always makes everyone laugh because of his random comments. We have a couple more Priests that have their mission calls, we are going to be working with them a lot more because Bishop wants them to have a little more experience before they go out on their missions. Eliapo is going to the Dominican Republic and Dayson is going to Samoa! ​

It is great to be a missionary! Hard, and fun too, but I am so grateful to be serving. It helps me focus on others more which is never a bad thing:) Thanks for all of your prayers, I wouldn't be offended if you sent me an email or a letter ;) Love you guys

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Max's friend, Jadyn, has a friend who went to Hawaii and took a picture with the "missionaries".  Look who she was hanging out with! :)

This week was good. It is still an adjustment working in Maui and meeting all of these new people, but church was better because I wasn't completely lost as to who everybody was.
Earlier this week we spent the day with one of the Priests named Josh. He is currently working on getting his mission call and the Bishop asked us to help get him prepared to serve. He is a funny kid, he definitely brought a new energy into our work day. I was also privileged to take close to 2" off of his hair because he wanted the full missionary experience:) We mowed a really big lawn for Paula and Scott, who is severely disabled and he takes care of her. That was fun, they fed us lunch and we shared a message with them. He is not a member so we are hoping he will come around soon. It is another complicated situation though because she can't really come to church due to her health issues. 

We also did service for a man named brother Adams. He is an older member who has the missionaries do small kine service for him every week, I think because he is lonely.. The service only takes like 30 minutes, but he doesn't really let us leave until breakfast and conversations are over. But he has some really crazy stories about his life, and is working with his wife to try to get her to join but she is a hard one. He is actually a fairly popular artist, his paintings are really cool!
A referral we got from HQ ended up being a really interesting lady named Z. She wasn't too interested in the church but wanted to check with us to see if she could have a yard sale on the church property. After that she told us about all of the conspiracies of the world and of the LDS church. It's pretty amazing how complicated people make of simple things. Obviously we were not that interested in talking about the conspiracies, so all we tried to do was leave her a chapter of scripture to pray about, but people make it so much harder and try to keep us at their houses for days.
There are a lot of cool families here too. Many of them are Part member and we are having slow progress with them now by becoming their friends and sharing messages with their families. Yesterday we had dinner with an awesome member, Bro. Akeo. He is actually a big hunter on Maui and told us about all the deer here. I was pretty blown away because deer here are actually a nuisance and you don't even need tags to kill them. He cooked a huge dinner for us and the main coarse was.. Deer! But it was really good compared to what I thought it would taste like.
I love to hear from you guys, stay strong, always be a good example because you never know who is watching! Until next week-

Monday, April 13, 2015

Hey guys! My flight safely landed on Wednesday, it was only like 20 minutes but it was awesome!
Maui is beautiful! We live on a mountain called Haleakala. It is considered "up country" because there are not very many people that live up here and it is an open, green area. The weather is great, the nights actually get chilly but the days are perfect. We are able to see the north and south shores of the Island from where we are, and it is such a beautiful place. It has been a big transition from my last area. They are a super funny, laid back, easygoing people. Elder Bogner is my new companion, he actually dies in 2 transfers, is a super cool, hardworking missionary.
The place where we live is just a few paces behind the Pukalani chapel, which was the first chapel built in all of Hawaii and goes back to the 1800's! George Q Cannon was actually the first missionary there who started everything! Followed by Joseph F Smith and John Napella (helped translate the Book of Mormon to Hawaiian!) This is a picture of Elder Bogner and I in front of it. 
This week has been really crazy and busy. We have a lot of part members here which is awesome, and we have been getting to know them and help them. We did service this week for an older auntie.. she had a hording problem and her land lord was not very happy with her so we had to throw some stuff away and move it around. That was all fine, but then I found a massive cane spider hiding in a mop and I freaked out. She just looked at me funny and went to pick it up, but it ran away! She let it know that it was welcome to live with her. I think that made the spider feel more comfortable. She had many conversations with the insects and the birds.. She had 3 cane spider friends in her bedroom that she told us about.. Keep in mind that they are wider than a deck of cards! That was a fun experience

I am so blessed and excited to continue my service in Maui, I have already learned a lot from Elder Bogner and am loving the switch up. Thanks for all you guys do!
Transfer news is in! My time in Mililani has come to an end. I have been called to labor in the Pukalani Maui Zone! When President Warner called it was like getting my mission call all over again, and when he said Maui I was so pumped!! For those who don't know Hawaii that well, Maui is another Island east of Oahu where I have been living. My new companion will be Elder Bogner, who was one of the last AP's. I will be "killing" him which means he goes home next transfer. I am  really excited to be with him because he is an awesome missionary and I feel like I will be able to learn a lot from him. My flight will leave Wednesday morning.
I has been pretty sad saying goodbye to members this weekend. I am really excited, but at the same time, Miliani has been very good to me.
Earlier this week we set a baptismal date with Cody! He is scheduled for May 4th! We also were able to see Johnelle and Jeff at conference, followed by another lesson today. They are doing so awesome, I have never seen someone face so much opposition in their life until now. And it all started when they started seeing us. They have dealt with it with such faith and courage, Jeff told me today that it doesn't really matter what the adversary throws at them, because he knows what he is doing is right. I am going to miss them, they are an amazing example to me, and I know they will be baptized when they can legally get married.
I appreciated General Conference more on my mission than I ever had before. When I watch it from an investigators perspective, I learn so much more. I loved Elder Holland's talk, he is usually my favorite. He delivers his message in such a unique and powerful way it just hits me harder than some of the others. I can easily put myself in the rock climbers shoes and feel the fear he was describing, and feel the relief of having my brother there to save me. If you didn't get the chance to listen to it, here it is:)

Shout out to one of the coolest missionaries on the block, Elder Mapusua! He has been a great friend to me.