Monday, December 8, 2014

This week was packed! We weeded 2 ponds, that was something I never thought I would do. We taught Keonie the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a member, Brother Lee. It went very well, he congratulated him on his decision to be baptized and got him even more excited to be a member of the church. They have become close friends since we introduced them to each other. Keonie's brother in law Luke also started listening to the lessons and came to church yesterday! Only 1 lesson to go and he will be ready for his baptism this Saturday! :)

Elder Ili and I completely re-did our area book and found quite a few people from the previous missionaries who we will definitely be checking up on. Twila is our newest investigator, she has been very nice and listened to everything we had to say, it is just hard to catch her because of how busy she has been lately. We are going to try to share "He is the gift" this week with her. It is a Christmas message the church has put a lot into, and if you have not seen it yet I would encourage you to watch it and share it with whoever comes to mind. It can be found on and is only around 2 minutes long.

We also had a new batch of Missionaries come to Hawaii this week. That was really exciting because some were transferred and our Zone is super awesome now. The new Zone leaders are very energetic and much better at getting you pumped to serve and improve. Also, we received 2 new "greenies" so I am not the new guy anymore! Crazy how fast things are flying

Mission tour was last night. That is where all of the missionaries on Oahu meet in the same place and listen to some speakers. We got to here about missionary work from Elder Johnson of the 70's and Elder Aona of the Area 70's. That was a really good experience to here from them and to see some of the guys from the MTC! 
Other than that, things are starting to pick up and we are teaching more. Thanks again for your continued prayers for Keonie. Hau'oli Lanui! (Happy Holidays) from
-Elder Snell

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