Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A great week it has been!

Keonie's Baptism went so well on Saturday! Elder Ili and I gave the talks on Baptism and the Holy Ghost, and Brother Maekawa performed the Baptism. It was such an amazing day, the spirit was strong, and he had inactive and non-member family who attended as well. I hope he will continue to be the example he already is being for the rest of his life, because he will have the ability to touch so many more people that we would not have been able to. After that we got to stand in on Sunday as brother Ing gave him the Holy Ghost. It feels like he is my new brother, I am glad we get to keep teaching him the after Baptism lessons because I am not ready to leave him yet, and he has much more to learn. It was really funny because the other night he heard me say "Dang it" and he looked up at me and said, "Wow Shnell, Word of Wisdom!" 

We got to go visit a few of the people from the area book we re-organized. We had surprisingly good luck finding them too, because usually people we visit are not home. One of the people we ran into had been taking the lessons from previous missionaries and the only reason he had stopped was because he had been so busy at work. He invited us to come teach him on Wednesday so I was really excited about that, and to top it all off I noticed the company on his shirt and realized it was the same company that Keonie works at.. Coincidence? I doubt it. We are going to try to get Keonie to come to one or more of the lessons and help him do missionary work with us!

Other than that life is still great here in Hawaii, it feels cold because of the winter drop to the mid 60's-low 70's but you kind of get used to it. I also got to try turtle, it was really an interesting taste, kind of like fishy chicken, but I felt bad eating it because I love turtles. The new missionary in our area is awesome! The members love him because he is so funny. He got called as our Zone motivator. Christmas in the tropics is more amazing than I thought it could ever be without snow. Lots of ward parties and food, and of course lots of amazing people doing amazing things for each other. Thank you for your continual prayers and support, I love you and wish you all a Mele Kalikimaka!      

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