Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This week was a good learning week! We did lots of service and teaching. While I am discovering that I have lots of practice to go, I have found that as long as you are being obedient and making your best effort to open your mouth, the spirit will be the teacher and the lesson will end up working out. It definitely can be difficult at times, but looking back, all of the people we have taught have started to change for the better, and you can see it! 

Yesterday we attended my first Cottage meeting. It is where the recent converts in the area tell their story of how they found God and then they bore their testimonies. It was so good! The entire time that one of the sisters who recently joined the church was speaking, the spirit flooded the room and I was left thinking, If I could help bring this much change and joy into one persons life, I could return home at the end of my mission knowing that I had succeeded.

I met some really interesting people this week. I just finished talking to a man in his 30's from Florida who had finally saved up enough money to buy a one way plane ticket to Hawaii so that he could spend the rest of his days surfing. I asked him how he covered his living expenses here and he introduced me to the "white collar" conspiracy and about mind control, and how he would rather live off of the money that the government gave to him. It was a very enlightening conversation. 

On another note, this is a picture of our zone at the visitor center last week after we went to the temple. It is another amazing place where we get many of our referrals from the sister missionaries who serve there.
Thank you for all of your prayers! The church is true and I can feel them helping as I serve. 

Elder Snell

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