Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This week has been one for the books! 

We planned to be on the plane and headed to Honolulu by 12:00. Our plane decided not to work and we had a delay of almost 7 hours, but we made the best of it! I made quite a few new friends when I attempted to play my new Uke, and one of them even taught me how to play my favorite song, Somewhere over the rainbow! The people at the airport are very nice to the missionaries! One lady gave me $80, and wouldn't take it back until I informed her I would be breaking the rules to take it, another man wanted to take selfies with us, and many others just wanted to talk! I handed out quite a few pass along cards, and it was very helpful to make me think more like a missionary would.

This was my first plane ride and it was truly amazing! The cities at night are beautiful!! We landed in Hawaii at around 11pm Hawaii time and got to sleep at the mission presidents house at around 430am Utah time. The next day I actually got to take a look outside of what everything really looks like and I could not believe how beautiful this place is! Pictures just can't capture it! The plants that would require tons of care in Utah, grow like weeds here (Dragon fruit, Oranges, Mangoes, ect.) It feels like you are in a dream when you go outside!

That day we also got to meet President and Sister Warner. They are great! We also went to a baptism performed by one of the local missionaries, which was an awesome experience as well! Then we opened our "Christmas Presents" which were the calls to the specific areas we will be serving. I will be proselyting in the Mililani area for the next 6 or so months! It is on the same Island, north of Honolulu! I also was assigned to my first official companion, Elder Ili. He is such an awesome missionary and he is Samoan, so I feel like I have my own body guard! This is a picture of him and I just outside of our pad

Now that everything is officially unpacked and situated, I am so excited and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow and start bringing some people the gospel!!

-Love Elder Snell

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