Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mom and Dad, I want you to know that I am safe and doing much better!

The first day and a half here at the MTC were rough, but I do have a pretty cool companion, and I am yet to experience the feeling of hunger. The spirit here is unbelievable. I am understanding my studies better than I ever have before. Everyone here is so kind to each other. I LOVE my room mates, they are an amazing bunch of guys. We got along since the very first day and we can talk about anything together. 

​I wanted to introduce them to you, my companion, Elder Cox is on my left. He is a very energetic and spastic guy who loves to rock climb and anything else out doors. If you have met Brother Davis (the Seminary teacher) you could very well compare his personality to his. Elder Kang is the first on my right, he is from South Korea and he speaks English pretty well, as well as Korean, Japanese and a little bit of Spanish! He let me try his spicy Ramen that he brought from his home. It was super hot! He was called to serve as our District leader last night! Elder Hill is the farthest to the right, is hilarious! He loves Captain America, Star wars, and is very smart. He also wears bacon socks. We talk about computers and tech all through the night. Together we have had some amazing experiences and it is only day 3! We have all been assigned to serve in the Honolulu Hawaii mission as well, so we will hopefully see each other again in the field. 

Brothers and Sisters, the church is true!! The MTC is an amazing place, and I have never felt the spirit like this! Thank you for all of your support in getting me here. I would not have made it without all of your help. I love you and I look forward to hearing from you next week :)

-Love Elder Snell

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