Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hey guys! This week has been pretty amazing! I taught my first lesson right after I got settled in, and it was with Elder Ili and Bishop. The mom is active in the church and she was very supportive, but her daughter and husband were not. We studied and prayed and taught by the spirit, and Bishop and Elder Ili both said that the lesson went unusually well for a "greenie" haha. 

The Hawaii mission actually has the most cars of any mission, but we did not get a car. I am actually grateful we didn't though because walking all over the place has really gotten me into shape, and given us more opportunities to teach people, and to see things as they really are. In one of the neighborhoods we were in, I saw a tree with massive fruits all over it, so we went to talk to them. They were members but they told us to take as many of these fruits as we wanted, it weighed over 7lbs and after asking 4 or 5 different people we discovered it was called a Jabong. When we got home and cut it open it was a beautiful pink and white color and tasted like a sweet grapefruit! It was amazing! 
The area we are working in is extremely wealthy and the work is fairly slow. There has been 1 baptism in the entire zone this year, but Elder Ili and I decided that we are going to change that! The missionaries depend heavily on ward members to help find people to teach, so we have spent a good chunk of our time serving and building trust with the members to find teaching opportunities. 

One of the highlights of this week was actually today. We got to visit and do a session in the Laie temple! It is my new favorite! It was an amazing experience. 
The people I have met here in Hawaii are amazing! They are very kind, loving and generous. I have made lots of new friends and shared my testimony with lots of new people, hoping that the seeds I leave in their hearts will someday grow. 

I love you all and God bless!

-Love Elder Snell

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